Heavenletters: Love is a Given

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, why are you delving into love when love is a given? To receive or to give love are not so different as you may think. Love is not a contest. It is a not a test. You are love on Earth or in Heaven. Love is your expressed DNA.

Where else can you be but in the world and be Oneness and also carry a unique fingerprint? See, this is what I mean when I say:

“Why, oh, why, do you question so much? Accept all this much instead. If you are born to the world, no matter, you are love in the grand design. You are here to love. Just be it. Swim in the Ocean of Love. It is for you, and you are for it.”

Wherever I am, you are. The birds that sing know they are messengers of My love. What wiggling puppy does not know that he is love, and that’s it? What flower does not recognize its scent? Why would you, a Human Being, be the last to know? Decide now to head the list.

Imagine a portrait of yourself with your title, God’s Love, under it. This is all you have to know. There is nothing else you can be. This is Who you are. Hello, this is the long and short of it.

Do you debate with Me? Why would you? Am I not the Source of All? Oneness exists. There are no exceptions. Only you may think you fantasize what is not so. You put the cart before the horse. Believe in yourself as I believe in you. Do you really disbelieve Me?

Well, Who do you think is carrying you? The One and the Same One God, the Oneness of One. No One is omitted.

This is My clarion call. The One of One is My clarion call. Your heart is wide open. Acknowledge this. My One Heart is wide open. This is Reality. Your heart is wide open to Mine, and My heart is yours in service to Oneness, and this is life as seen from the treetops.

No matter how real the world may seem to you to be, it is illusion. The desert is illusion. The Oasis is truth.

All this scurrying around you do to find water or to find love or to scatter love to the winds is illusion. The ground under your feet is love, and that’s it. It is natural to love. Love is all over the place pure and simple. Existence itself is love. There is no debate. Every body has a heart. No one is without a heart at its base.

Now your mind intervenes and says: “Well, oh, God, what about murderers?”

Stop looking for exceptions. To what benefit is this?

Somewhere there is a heart who may have cut itself off from the Sun.

I suppose it can be said to some extent that your heart is not full-fledged, yet I will not say that, and why would you? With God, all things are possible. Love is most possible. Sun can shine all over the world. The Sun does shine all over the world. Eyes can open, and love can be seen in what the world calls unlikely places. Beloved, what if you had eyes to see? And why not you? Why not you?

You seem to see misery. Why can’t you see light? What can equal blazing light?

Will you consider that you can see what you have as yet not allowed yourself to see?

We are having a heart to heart talk right now. Your eyes are beginning to open. Arise from the dark. Turn the lights on!

You are alive! Be the light.

How do you know that I am not beaming in front of you this minute?


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff