Health, Happiness, Success: Have It ALL With a Fitness Lifestyle

stock-photo-exercise-fitness-lifestyle-as-a-background-art-44798275This is what a Fitness Lifestyle is all about.

What is it that brings you happiness? Your job? Your workouts? Looking hot and feeling great? Is it your home or some other material possession? Just what is it that makes you feel truly happy, content and alive?

Many people go through life without ever taking the time to think about what it is that brings them happiness. Some think that having a knockout body or lots of money will make them happy, yet, once they get it, they still feel something is missing. Let me compare this situation to working out.

Picture yourself training for years, doing the same thing over and over again, and never taking the time to look at your progress or regress in the mirror. How can you objectively tell how you’re doing unless you take the time to stop, observe and make any changes in your program you may need to make?

The same is true of your personal and emotional well being. If you’re not happy with your life, something needs to be changed. You’re not alone when it comes to needing change. There are things in all our lives that, if changed would bring us greater fulfillment.

Wherever you go, look around you. Whether it’s in the gym, at your job, on the streets, in the malls, or anywhere else, you are going to make some startling discoveries. People are hurting and one of the reasons they’re hurting is that they won’t let themselves be happy. That’s right. They haven’t taken the time or action needed to change the things in their lives that would bring them closer to having it all.

I see many things missing in these people’s lives. Among them is character – not knowing who they really are, yet knowing that they want to be somebody different. In other words, they want to become the kind of person they know they are meant to be. Another missing piece is time – wasting precious amounts of their lives and time on the things that don’t really bring lasting happiness. A third area is relationships – abandoning or purposely avoiding wonderful relationships with others because their job or sport or something else has become their lives.

A fourth aspect is not knowing what success really means to them. And finally, I see an incredible lack of balance in their lives. These important elements to having it all in your life can affect you whether you’re physically fit or not.

The important thing is that by thinking about changing some areas in your life that may need changing, you’ve taken a big step toward emotional happiness and balance. Let’s consider some of those areas you may want to change.

Just Who Are You?

This seems an easy question, but can you answer it? Are you the kind of person you want to be? Or are you living a life of façade after façade, hoping that no one will ever find out what’s beneath that mask? Let’s look at the fitness connection to this.

Why do you work out? Is it for all the incredible positive physical and mental benefits that exercise provides or is it something more? Are you caught in the trap of associating who you are as a person with the way your body looks? Has your body image become your self image? Do your moods change frequently based upon how your body looks to you at any given time? One day you’re on top of the world, the next day you’re in the dumps? Let go of the monster. Help build your self image by building your character.

First of all, your life is like a triangle. It has three parts: mental, physical and spiritual. All three parts are equal. If one of those parts is missing, then the whole triangle is affected. Ask yourself a question. Are the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of my life in balance?

Some of the ways you can fulfill the mental aspects is to surround yourself with those things that help build you as a person. Being around positive, optimistic and happy people should be your first step. You become like those with whom you associate, so choose those people carefully.

The next step would be to start adding activities like listening to motivational tapes and reading inspirational books and magazines. Get some culture in your life by going to art museums, plays and concerts. Make television a low priority on your list. Use your mind and watch it grow.

Achieving spiritual balance is something that is individual to each of us. What works great for your best friend may not work for you. You were born with incredible talents and abilities that are uniquely yours and yours alone. Real happiness comes when you share your gifts with those in the world around you. Getting it together spiritually helps you realize your true place in life.

The final part of the triangle is the physical. This should be an easy one for you. You’re probably already eating and training correctly so just put the physical element in your life in the right perspective and you’ll be fine.

It’s About Time

One of the most precious resources you have is time. The problem is we think we have all the time in the world. It is so precious, yet so many of us never realize it until it’s too late.

Let’s break it down. For everyone alive, there are 1,440 minutes in a day. For the most successful person to the least, we each have 1,440 minutes in a day. You’ll find that those who are the most successful and happy in life are those who make the best of their time and those 1,440 minutes each and every day. That means proper planning and putting your plans into action.

No matter who you are or what you do, you are playing chess with time. It is always your next move. Move with quick and wise decision and TIME will favor you. Stand still and do nothing and TIME will wipe you off the board. So when it comes to time, it’s your move. But remember: You may not have much time.

What’s A Relationship?

When you think about it, what is more important in life than people? You might say, ‘Being number one in my company’ or ‘Winning a major bodybuilding show’, or ‘Having the best build’, or any number of other possibilities. But I say its people.

Its people who give you the recognition and attention you desire. And it’s people who give you the love that you need. Your relationship with people is of supreme importance.

Think about something. When you hit the big time and achieve that great success you’ve worked so hard for, you’re going to want as many people there to recognize your achievements as possible. But if you haven’t taken the time to develop, nurture and feed your relationships with your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and other people, you can’t expect them to make time for you. Let go of this selfish me-me-me head trip. Think of others in your life first and the rewards will be greater than you’ve ever imagined.

Can You Really Have It All?

You bet you can. But first decide what having it all means to you. For some it might mean having a good job, a wonderful family, working out a few nights a week, and an occasional night out on the town. For others, it could be career, career, career, with only a little time for themselves.

In all our lives there are probably things that are missing that could bring us greater joy, happiness, and fulfillment if only we would let them. To you, it could be just a matter of taking a little time to think about your life, where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

You see, if you don’t live the life you believe in, you’ll believe in the life you are living and is that what you want? You can have it all. You can have the life you believe in just as soon as you give up the belief that you can’t have it. Everything begins with you.

Don’t blame your job, school or anything else if you don’t have what you want. You are doing the things that are keeping you from having it all – because of the choices that YOU have made. The happiness or lack of it in your life is the result of those decisions.

Take a new look at your life. Get a fresh perspective. On your goals and the things that are important to you. If you’re feeling some emptiness inside, despite all your accomplishments, then you need something. Think about what it could be. Maybe it’s making an adjustment in a relationship or it could be that you should refocus on your bodybuilding and fitness commitments or perhaps you should spend more time with your friends and loved ones.

It can be yours. I want you to believe that. I want you to experience it. I want you to enjoy it. There is nothing better than having it all.

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