The Council: Quartz Crystals Part 1

147766794286602In this first part, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us some general information about quartz crystals and how they can help us. They also point out a stone that can help with tension.

The Council: All gemstones or stones have a value to the human body; they emanate certain magnetic fields or electronic fields or electromagnetic fields that are beneficial to a physical body.

Questioner: I don’t want you, Council, to repeat yourself. I am wondering if you have not spoken of quartz crystals before if you could give us a few thoughts, a few sentences at this time. Would that be appropriate?

The Council: We will limit what we have to say about them. We would prefer not to, how shall we put it, if we are conservative in what we say, then there is less opportunity for fanaticism to crop up. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Quartz crystals, now quartz crystals, the clear type, the true quartz crystal, which is similar to the appearance of a diamond, not nearly as clear, but it does have a glass appearance to it; these will emanate a vibration that can help to, as a general healing aid, in this way or in this manner, it emanates an energy that is attuned to the body so that by using such a gemstone, it can add a little more vitality or energy to the body. When one is particularly tired, possession of such a stone, rubbed in the hands or held in the hands or rubbed across the forehead, can add a degree of energy or vitality. With an individual who has been ailing and is somewhat weakened, the stone can also add energy as far as that goes so that the body has a little more vitality to it than it would in its normal state. In some individuals, if they are of right mind, it can also influence higher thought or more, shall we say, etheric thought or thought that has less to do with the material desires of man’s nature.

With an individual who would be hyperactive, we would not recommend the constant carrying of such a stone. For that type of individual such a stone should only be used if the physical body is ailing. Is that sufficient?

Questioner: That is very helpful, thank you.

Questioner: Just to clarify, you said “hyperactive.” Do you mean that word literally and that does not take in hypertensive?

The Council: Hyperactive children in particular are what we were referring to. That tendency goes into adulthood. An individual who may be under a great deal of strain or stress, we would not suggest the use of that stone.

Questioner: May I ask if there would be another stone that would be beneficial for the high-strung individual who would be under stress?

The Council: For a person under a great deal of stress or tension, what is normally referred to as a moonstone or a white quartz. It often resembles, when polished, a translucent egg shell color or in some cases it can be a much whiter or pearl color. The common moonstone that children find in general quarries would be this particular type of stone we are referring to. In its unpolished state, it is a dull chalky white. In its polished state, it can have what appears to be fractures in it that would give a certain degree of translucent or opalescent color to it. Maintaining that on the body will bring some soothing effects to an individual. Playing with it or rubbing it in the hands, toying with it, will also increase that effect. Rubbed across the forehead and in the back of the head at the base of the skull at the top of the neck, the stone rubbed across that area, from left to right or right to left as opposed to up and down, will also add some soothing effects.

In regards to what we refer to as the common moonstone or cloudy quartz or white quartz, they go by a number of different names, it should, when used as a tension reliever or a calmer of stress, it should be in its polished state, as opposed to its natural state.

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