The Council: Quartz Crystals Part 2

147766794286602In this Part 2 of the series, The Council tells us about the positive effects of crystals and stones in meditation.

Questioner: Is there any positive usage in quartz crystals as a meditative tool?

The Council: Again, this is more of a placebo effect, although in a situation like that there is the element for a more fertile or positive ground to be established in that a quartz crystal is actually a form of an amplifier. It generates its own field of energy, and if that field of energy is brought in contact with the physical body and the thought processes are part of that physical body, for some individuals it may increase the potency of the meditation or it may increase the effects of the meditation. This depends a lot or mainly, shall we say, on the individual’s feelings and true beliefs about such things as quartz crystals. But to relegate their properties only to a specific or short or limited field does them an injustice. If you realize that everything has a vibratory field or rate and that field can be utilized in certain situations, if you are willing to accept that, then you realize that a quartz crystal has its own field. Realizing that the quartz crystal is a somewhat more unique element or stone or what have you than some of the others, it can act as an amplifier.

If your thoughts lie on the physical repair of the body in meditation, then this by putting it in proximity of the body or on the body or what have you can help to intensify the meditation or make the meditation more powerful or potent. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes. That brings up another question. Are quartz crystals more helpful in healing than some of the other stones?

The Council: The quartz crystal is probably all around the more productive of the stones. It is a specific generator or let us say, it specifically generates a field of energy, where we cannot say that with that intensity when it comes to other gems or stones. If you were to have a choice of only one stone, we would suggest that the overall stone would be a quartz crystal. If you had your choice of two stones, then we would suggest the quartz crystal and the lapis.