Rebellion and Your DNA

46789There is a palpable energy of rebellion in the air these days, regardless of where you live and how satisfied you are with the status quo. If you live in the US, still processing the combative and angry election cycle, the rebellion energy can feel like hot coals that are getting hotter by the day. If you live elsewhere, trying to make sense of the nonsense that just unfolded in the US these past 18 months, you may be feeling a bit dazed and uncertain.

The Big Picture

With so many unknowns and lots to process with each new cycle of events unfolding, it’s helpful at this stage to take a step back and consider the big picture. Continue reading to better understand what is happening in the background that directly relates to your life and your path as a divine changemaker alive now to create a loving world.

Most likely, you are weary of the tsunami of US election news now morphing into confusing accounts of what to expect of the newly-elected US leadership.

Americans: Even Americans who had little interest in the US campaigns are starting to ask deeper questions about what kind of country they want, how free they want to be, and what that freedom looks like.

Outside the US: People living elsewhere are having their own deeper self-reflection too, wondering what kind of world will unfold and how stable it will be.

Earthquake Stirring: Gone are the days when a superpower like the US could change all the rules about how it would operate with other countries, without setting off an earthquake reverberating across the planet. Trade deals and climate agreements are much more than business deals that can be torn up on a whim without dire consequences.

We have uncertainty all around now. It’s in the US, of course, but also in other key countries having their own melt downs over immigration, terrorism threats, financial instability, and the appearance of an increasing number of authoritarian and oppressive leaders.

The whole notion of freedom and who has control is coming into question in a big way. Individuals are rebelling, either actively or complaining to one another, feeling excluded and in many cases disenfranchised from society’s bounty. Meanwhile the rich get richer.

Disinformation Cycle: In tandem with that, the disinformation cycle is now in overdrive, making it quite challenging for even the most educated and discerning person to know what’s really happening. After a while, most people either just turn off the incoming news or limit exposure to one source. As an example of how detrimental this can be, look at how government controlled media in some countries lull the population into believing falsehoods or simply numbing people having grown weary of what they see. An apathetic and uninformed populace is vulnerable to control by its leaders.

What’s Important Now

A key to moving through these times in the highest way is to stay grounded and conscious, questioning deeper than you usually do. Don’t accept things just because authorities tell you it’s the best thing to do or that you will be unsafe if you don’t submit to something you know at a core level is wrong.

Take comfort in remembering that humanity has long been in this crazy dance of opposites – the light and the dark thrashing violently at each other. Don’t forget that you are part of humanity, too. All of us together created this dance.

Revolts and Your DNA: Throughout the centuries, humanity has had countless revolutions and revolts. Since you likely lived during some of them, a part of you at a DNA level has the memory of these things. There may be imprints within your DNA left over from previous rebellions, too. Those imprints could now be rising to the surface of your psyche during these moments – causing you to feel unrest and even anxiety that you can’t quite understand. This can occur regardless of where you live and what’s happening in your home country.

Due to a past life experience witnessing or even leading a revolt, you could hold great wisdom within you about how do do things differently this lifetime. Wisdom from lessons learned, as well as old unresolved hurts, get recorded in your DNA. They remain there, often for hundreds of years until a key event occurs, bringing them to the surface of your consciousness.

Examples from 2010s: During the Arab Spring with its violent civil uprisings in the news, your subconscious DNA level memories of being in similar rebellions could have been triggered. Perhaps you lived in an Arab country in a past life. Another possibility is that you had a traumatic lifetime during an uprising in another part of the world. The energy of revolts and revolutions has many universal themes. If you have lived through a number of them over time, you likely carry both wisdom from lessons learned and perhaps DNA-level vows of what you will or will not do again.

Modern day terrorist attacks in France could be stimulating very old DNA-level wounds within you if you or your ancestors lived in France during the 1789 French Revolution.

Most likely, too, you had a number of past life experiences involving injustice and oppression. You don’t need to remember them or have a past life reading to feel a tug on your insides today as you learn about groups of people being targeted because of their gender, race, religion, or country of origin.

Why This Matters

So why does this matter, all of this rehashing of themes and some of them ringing loudly within you at a core level?

FIRST, along with the craziness of now and many things just not making sense, when you factor in our long history on this planet, it’s easier to put things into perspective. History does repeat itself, until the lessons are learned. And now we are in big time learning mode, hopefully with much more consciousness and mutual caring for each other and our fragile planet.

SECOND, when each of us can take responsibility for our role over time in creating what we have now, the division and combativeness can soften into a more cooperative spirit that allows for dialogue and diplomacy.

THIRD, when each of us discovers what pieces of baggage we personally carry at a DNA level from past times of revolt, we can address them at their root in the DNA and become free. Due to our conditioning, most people alive now still carry fear-based notions of “us and them.” This leads to hate in all of its forms – bigotry, discrimination, exclusion, and prejudice. We don’t need to keep carrying this baggage – we can address it within ourselves at a DNA level. Each person who does this is helping humanity, for the mass consciousness shifts a bit at a time as each of us do.

FOURTH, consider the loud ringing you sometimes feel as spirit’s wake up call. You were born now, not to be ordinary and a bystander watching the parade pass by. You are here to be an active participant in shifting this planet into light. You are here to show by example what love looks like, what it feels like, and how it transforms even the darkest hours into radiant rainbows.

FIFTH, you are hard wired at a DNA level to be a divine changemaker and a leader of positive changes. Yes, your DNA also has old patterns still surfacing to clear. So does everyone else. Which means that we have inner work to do. At the same time, we are strong and capable and caring. It is these energies put into action day after day that will make the difference. The light will prevail. Trust this.