This Is Your Time To Shine My Friends

tumblr_nvwiyu64tw1sofkn4o1_1280“Lady Nada”
I am “Lady Nada”. We hope that this was a wonderful trip for you and that you experienced healing. Healing of love, of wonder, of feeling. We hope that you were able to connect with that one who was with you at all times. With that one who is walking this path with you.

We are so proud of all in this group. Sananda and I have taken this group to heart. Every Sunday we and others are with you. Even if we do not speak, we are here with you. We are here to share with you and to care with you and to help you along the path that you are walking.

We know that there are so many things that you discussed in the group today. We are only going to address that you have walked past that finish line. These people in this group, all of you, have walked across the finish line and at this point are waiting for others to catch up. You continue to read that the Cabal is here or there and all of this mess around the world that seems to rising up. You can take heart knowing that this group is feeling and seeing clearly. There are still those around the planet that continue to stir up trouble. They think that they are stirring up trouble but in fact the troubles are gone.

You are in your new plane. You are in your new existence. And those of you who will be joining us at the Advance will learn of this more and more and will have opportunities to see clearly and to hear clearly. To know exactly who it is that shares with you on a regular basis.

We are pleased and proud that so many come here to grow and give this group a chance to share and to care. It is time to “keep on keeping on”. Know that this is your time, my friends. This is your time to shine. It may feel like you are at the end of your rope sometimes but know that this rope is marking the end for you and gives you the time to go back and to help others. Then coming back to this point and finishing.

We give your our love and blessing. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”
“One Who Serves” here. Greetings. Here to take you the next step.

We would ask a question of you. Are you ready? Are you ready, really ready here?

We asked this question a long time ago when we said, “Are you ready to jump off precipice?”

And you look at us and you ask what are they talking about? Precipice? You know now what we spoke off though.

And now we speak in terms of transition and Ascension and all of these wonderful things. So it is time now to more and more look at this as it is happening now. It is in the moment now. It is not in the future. It is not in the past. It is now.

You are transitioning in the very moment that we speak here. You are transitioning into the next greater art of you. That part of you that has always been there. You have just forgotten it. You are going to remember more and more and more. You are going to see things more that you have not seen before.

This is going to open up greatly for you in the next weeks and maybe even month here. You are going to have some fascinating experiences from your point of view. From our point of view maybe not so much but your point of view they will be very fascinating and exceptional.

You are going to have an experience at the Advance. James and Susan do not know about this. You will have an experience that will be an awakening experience. This is not only for those in person at the event but also for those who participate over the phone as well. There is going to be a connection that will be created there. You will understand more of what we speak of when this occurs.

Those who will not be able to make this Advance don’t worry about being left out or that you will not get your part of this. You are! Just because you are a part of this group, even if you are brand new to this group you are really not new to it. You have been involved in this process, in this program for a great long time. For many, many lifetimes. For many experiences before coming to this group. You have no idea of how much you are at the greater level of yourself. But that is coming. All of you are going to remember this more and more.

You are having dreams and having experiences in these dreams. This is going to continue and to grow beyond what you have been experiencing. More of you will have what you call lucid dreaming. This is going to be exceptional and you are going to have tis more and more and more. Then come to these groups and be able to share these experiences as well.

It is wide open people. It is opening up in front of you. You just need to reach out and go along for the ride here. OK?

Do you have questions here now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: When two realities collide is that what causes the “Big Bang Theory” Where are we now in that?

“One Who Serves”
We are not going to speak in terms of what creates it but we will talk about the result of this happening as you are saying here. Not so much in the level that you are speaking but there is a connection that is happening even now as we speak these forces come together.

These forces are not creating the “Big Bang” as you are saying but a facsimile of this, you might say. This is the “Event” that you are talking about here. There will be a precursor to this and the “Event”, this galactic pulse, is a “Big Bang” here. You see?

We do not want to get into quantum physics and very scientific things. That is not what we are here for. But we can give a little bit of understanding for those to understand that this revolves around vibration and frequency.

The vibration and frequency of this planet are changing drastically. Within you first because you are part of the planet, you ae the universe within yourself. As all of this changes within you, the collective you, we speak of; it changes everything around you as well. This can be considered the “Big Bang” here but more to your understanding here at this level. Ok?

Q: What gives us these higher energy levels, in our chakras and bodies? How can we stay in the vibration that we can feel from our feet to our crown? How can we accelerate our Ascension?

“One Who Serves”
First of all, in order to accomplish what you are doing here you need to get out of the idea of your intellectual self here. You need to move out of that and into the realm of spiritual understanding. More at the etheric, mental and astral levels.

Your chakra system continues to move and rotate. The faster it goes the more you will have these types of experiences that you speak of. The Kundalini Energy is involved here. The Kundalini Energy will be activated more and more as you experience the higher levels here. The more you go up in frequency the more you experience the Kundalini experience within you.

In the past, Ascension has been the Kundalini experience complaint here. This is not the case for you here now because you do not have to have the full Kundalini experience to occur. But it will happen as an as semblance of understanding for many of you as the energies continue to rise across the planet and certainly when the “Event” comes.

We agree. You are in a soup of vibrations. The vibrations all around you are coming in at a very high level. We know that there are things that keep you at a high level. Music, meditations, things you are reading, children you are playing with, dogs that are barking in play. All things that will raise your vibrations but it is all a process. A process of being in the higher vibrations.

And experiencing life at the 3D levels, that is pretty much gone, but at a lower level and bouncing up again. It is not something you are doing wrong or doing right. You just are. You just are. As you continue to growth you are having with everyone on this planet you will eventually reach a time with the “Event” when you will know that you are in the 5D world.

Q: I know that I am a Lightworker, a Starseed and moving in the first wave of
Ascension. I don’t have a daily meditation. I love nature and find my quiet time there. I feel like I should be meditating to be of greater service to Los Angeles. Help?

Is this something you want to do or something you believe you should be doing?

Q: I feel that my frequency is pretty high already but I think I should be doing this.
I chuckle with this. “Sananda” was asked during his life as “Jeshua” about fasting and praying and all of those types of religious rigor. These things were to make people more holy. He asked them, “Do you like it?”

They answered they thought they should do it but no, they did not like the idea. He answered, “Then don’t do it. Don’t do something you don’t like.” (found in Nag Hammadi text)

A time of quiet and meditation is a time for you to enjoy that aspect of your life. If it is for two minutes, if it is for ten minutes, twenty minutes, whatever it is, if you have a regular regimen that you include in each day and you feel that you are in a good place then that is particularly sufficient.

If you feel that you could be doing more than make that time for yourself. You may find that you start at two minutes and move up to eight or ten or fifteen minutes as you move along. But have it as a natural growth for yourself.

You are in a good place with your vibration. You will see as you move forward along this path that it may open for you to do more. That will suit you more as time progresses.

“One Who Serves”
We once told this one, James, that we meditate 24 hours a day. He wondered about this. He asked us how can you do this? He was thinking of meditation as going through the fundamentals. He was thinking of sitting there, cross-legged and “ohming” and all of those things for 24 hours.

You see you are not supposed to do this. Your bodies from the western end of things here are not prepared for that. But you are prepared to be in meditation 24 hours a day, even during your sleep time, when you are letting everything go. Everything be as it is.

As you are out in nature, this one who spoke here, be in nature, be in the beauty there, be in meditation. That level of experience that you are in, in the very now that you are in it. As you are having that experience you are in a meditative mode here.

So let it be. Go with the flow. All of this is part of the transition you are moving through. And as you are moving through this transition if you find the time or set aside the time to be in a more formal meditation certainly do so. But as “Ashira” has said and “Jeshua” said long ago, do not do anything that you do not like. If you do not like it what good will it be to force yourself into it? You see?

So let it be. Let it go. Everything will turn out exactly as it needs to. Ok?

Q: I work as a body worker. I am working with many different body types, modalities and work on people in different places. How can I best be of service with so many options?

“One Who Serves”
The first thing for a Lightworker is to want to be of service. To have the intention of being of service. You see that is the matter with this planet. There is service to self and service to others. Many of you, even those in this room, are still mostly within the service to self area. Even though you love other persons and everything, it is still part of your programming. Part of what you have come through to be in that sense of service to self.

But as you have the intention of creating healing for others and assisting others in whatever that might be where you can be of service then do so. Let it go. Be whatever it is in the moment. In the moment is when healing occurs. In the moment is when energy transfer occurs. So, when the need arises, it will be there. Energy will be there to create whatever experience is needed at that time.

When you are working with a variety of modalities, with a variety of peoples, in a variety of places, it sounds like take the time in between your clients to cleanse yourself. Take the opportunity to be done with one and close that energy. Then be prepared to open yourself to the new person’s energy.

You are going to find more and more people are going to be talking to you, talking through you. You will find that there are those other people who are those you are treating who want you to share information with them. Be open to that. As you move forward that will be happening more and more for you.

You are in a good place. You are doing a good job and we praise you for what you have accomplished so far.

Q: I book my appointments to allow for the closing and opening for each client. I still feel like my symptoms are a sign of taking on too much. Can you help adjust my thinking on this?

When we speak of ending and beginning new clients it sounds like you are experiencing taking on the energy of clients. Basically you need to know that you are not the healer. You are allowing those energies to move through you. As you allow those energies to move through you, you will become less someone who will hold onto these things and allow them to flow to heal your people remarkably.

You are doing a good job and this is one thing that can help you. Remind yourself that you are not the healer. You are allowing these healing energies to move through. Does that help?

“One Who Serves”
As “Joshua” said, “I myself can do nothing. But it is the Father that doeth the works through me.”

You are a channel. That is all you are. This can be of assistance to any kind of healing capacity here.

Q: I use light a lot for my meditations. The other morning I took a trip with light, through portals, into swirling hues of light. Pure light forms. I felt like I was home. Can you give me any feedback about this?

“One Who Serves”
You do not need to necessarily have an intellectual understanding. This is where those of you “go wrong” here. You are staying in your programming at the 3D levels here. For you to have these kinds of experience there needs to be a letting go process here.

If you stay within the intellectual mind you will not have these experiences. So as you are having these experiences let your mind go. Let it be whatever it is. Experience it. Have fun and enjoy. See the light. Be the light. Experience the colors in any way you want it to be and you will see it that way. You see?

The more you intellectualize the whole process then you begin to diminish it. It then becomes much less than it could be. You see, if you intellectualize yourself all the way to Ascension, you will not have Ascension. It is that simple. You see? You cannot be that way. You will not be able to go through the Ascension Process completely and stay within the 3D intellectual mind. It is not possible.

So at some point, more and more, and this is what these groups are all about. All these experiences you are beginning to have is all about letting go of the old programming and now remembering who you are. Ok?

Q: I had a dream that I was with Ronald Reagan. We were holding hands and there was a feeling of love between us. He was worried about speaking. What is the meaning of this dream?

What does Ronald Reagan bring to mind in symbolism for you?

Q: He always represented a good man and love. My husband and I had him and his wife, Nancy, for dinner. He did the Father’s will. That’s what he said.

You relate to him as a loving leader, someone you are fond of and have a relationship with. You
wanted to help him but he did not need your help. He was able to manage on his own.

This is a wonderful dream. It is talking about the part of you who is strong. You can come forward and give talks and be a part of things. We say go forward. This is a great time. You are going to be working with many different people and this person is a base that you have for the future. Strong leader. Good leader.

“One Who Serves”
The Ronald Reagan is the epitome for you as strong leadership. It was not so much the Ronald Reagan who was in your dream but your own Higher Godself here. There is this strong part of you as “Ashira” has said\ that is helping to guide you through all of this. Even that you attended the last Advance and received the healings you did there. This was all a part of this and shall continue to be a part of this as you move forward here.

“One Who Serves” –two
Greetings to you. We know we sound like the other one but please understand that we are not one and the same. Well, actually we are One but not the same or anyway, you know what we mean (laughter)

Please understand that as we are moving ahead here and going to experience a great deal of energies you might say as you come together at your Advance. It is going to be exceptional in many different ways. You are going to have a procession of many different beings that are going to come through. Many want to come in and say hello and experience the energies with you. And they want to help you understand the energies they are bringing in so there are going to be many different ones who will assist you and be with you. That is the first part.

The second part is when you are there. Be there to have fun. Be there to enjoy yourselves. Yes. It will be serious. Yes, there is much that is going to be happening. Let it go. Enjoy yourselves. Everything is happening just as it needs to be. We are going to have a great deal of fun! Ok?

I am going to be with you and I have all kinds of jokes lined up. We are going to have such a wonderful time. I have a bigger part in this next one. I am going to enjoy this immensely here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”.

It will be a fun time next weekend. We are glad to be a part of it. To share with all of you. To take you out of this realm where you have been living into a higher frequency for an entire weekend.

To share with one another. To share meals. To share intimate stories. To be with one another as one. You will experience that in a way that you have never felt before. We are striving to put together many aspects to the weekend. All to assist you in experiencing this oneness that is so important for all of humanity to come into this movement that you are making.

I give you my love and my light. Namaste.