Star Blossom: Gentle Breeze

May you be intoxicated by a gentle breeze,
invigorated by your own beauty,
and awake to know the gift you are. 

May you move with freedom inside dancing steps
and experience the many blessings present
as you connect to the magic of life.

May your breath and be filled with giggle laughter
like a child and breath deep to expand
your mind to feel the power of You.

May love vibrate between heartbeats
to launch you into a landscape of dreams
as bliss and joy fill your sacred vessel.

May faith echo gently giving comfort
as waves of creative jargon gracefully come
to be exposed for all the world to celebrate.

And as you close your eyes
may you see yourself drifting inside 2017
peaceful, abundant, healthy, and happy
as the world shifts into a realm of new beginnings.

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