Hilarion: Increased Energetic Frequencies

147423544379652Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love to have discourse with you. The world moves into its next phase and this one contains increased energetic frequencies. This will create some intensity within your energetic and human body system. It is important that you take time each day and perhaps even several times a day, to rest and relax, for these energies are those which make people feel exhausted and when this occurs, that is when it is the time that rest and relaxation is necessary.

In this way, you will always be on top of the higher frequency energies as they come through and have their effect upon everything and everyone on this planet. These energies are in the process, as before, of unravelling all that lives within your energetic system that is not in alignment with the higher dimension that you are heading into. This can create a mental fogginess and sometimes it seems that no matter what you try to accomplish, it just doesn’t go where you want it to go. This is the time to take a break, stop and rest.

On the world scene, there are those who are in the process of losing their control and power that they have exerted upon the people of the planet for many, many centuries are creating some desperate moves and it is important that one checks in within the core of their being, within their heart chakra, on a daily basis no matter what news you hear or read. It is always advisable to check in with your own inner guidance and counsel. This is where your personal truth is found. It is important for each person upon the planet at this time to follow the counsel of their own heart, of their soul’s inner guidance because this is the path that was meant for youpersonally. In the following of this path, you also serve the higher good, the Divine Plan for the Earth.

It is now the time to follow your own star in order to bring your special gifts that you brought into this world to be shared with others. The sharing does not have to be in a way that makes one a martyr. The sharing can be offered in a spirit of joy and the knowing that what you bring is valuable to those who are seeking that specific way of being. There is no harm whatsoever in stating the fact that you retain sovereignty in all of your offerings and accomplishments and in all of the gifts of knowledge and higher understanding that you offer. It is not in conflict with the Divine.

Each of you is unique, each of you has some gift, some thing that is important to the ongoing awakening process that is occurring upon and within the planet. That which you give can be of great benefit to many. You do not have to exert efforts that are not reciprocated. This requires a knowing of self and the self confidence in one’s ability and one’s gifts and one’s value upon this planet. Each one of you who has volunteered before you ever came to incarnate upon this planet came to it with special gifts.

We understand that it requires personal effort and personal sacrifices in order to bring these through to offer to others. It is a given that the development of soul growth requires sometimes the information that is needed and the methods that are needed in order to help others along their journey on their path to find ‘The Way’ back to Source. Your gifts are needed – your gifts are those that have been planned by the Divine to be given during these times.

And so we say, relax and rest – for this is when your gifts unfold. It is when you are in a state of joy, harmony and peace that your gifts come to the surface of your being. Your higher aspects come forward to bring another facet of your being into the world, to become a part of your physical expression, for this is how wholeness is accomplished within each person, by allowing new aspects to come forward as they are given the ability to do so. Trust in this process, know that all is coming together for your highest and greatest good. In this way, it is adding to the collective frequency and vibration that helps others for their highest good. It is all good.

Know that you are loved by the beings who reside in the ascended Light realms. We work together, beyond sleep you come to us, you come to the Temple of Truth, you come to the higher dimensions. You collaborate with us, you collaborate with the Star Nation families, those who serve Prime Creator. You are always on track because we work together. One has need at this time to become a surfer of the energies. When one recognizes that the energies are not conducive to the spiritual path of ascension that they have chosen, one needs to use their energies, their knowledge, their wisdom and their power to transcend and find a different focus, for this is, ‘The Way’.

‘The Way’ is to find wholeness within one’s being, this is what ‘The Way’ is all about. It requires one’s focus and dedication, it requires one to have the motivation to be a responsible individual, to use their power, their spiritual power, their personal power, their soul power in an enlightened manner in a way that does not cause harm to anyone or anything upon the planet on which you have chosen to incarnate for a higher purpose in service to the Light, in service to the higher dimensional reality of Prime Creator.

 You have learned how wield your power and that power always comes from a place of love for that is the highest power and you have learnt how to use this and so it behooves each one of you to continue in your work that you have volunteered to do. Each of you has great strength – strength of mind, strength of being, strength of purpose, and strength of vision. This is what is now coming to the fore for each one of you that you may stay purposefully on the path that you have chosen, the path that will converge into oneness for all in the years to come.

Until next month… I AM Hilarion

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