Every Weekend This Man Saves People From Taking Their Own Lives

148320770580392Just as the world is full of people who are malicious, rude, and generally just evil, it is also full of folks with hearts of pure gold. A man by the name of Chen Si is one of the good denizens of this world.

Starting in 2003, Chen Si has spent every single one of his weekends patrolling the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Why? Because this bridge is a popular site for people looking to take their own lives by jumping over the side.

Either on foot or on his motorcycle, Chen patrols the bridge looking for people “who look depressed, those whose psychological pressure is great” as if they were walking with “no spirit, or no direction.”

Once he finds them, he attempts to talk them out of their decision. Even if they’re already on the other side of the railing, Chen will pull them back over so they can chat. It is during his talks with these people that Chen hopes to learn of their troubles, so that he might help them find an answer to their problems.

One man that Chen helped was about to end his life because he could not afford to pay for the $15,000 worth of medical expenses accrued from his daughter fighting leukemia. Chen called the man to help him work with creditors every week.

Currently, Chen has saved the lives of over 300 people, and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

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