About The Ascended Masters

the-teamFor many thousands of years, the eventual goal of life upon earth has been to reach the initiation of ascension. While ascension can refer to any major step forward in evolution, the kind pursued by spiritual adepts requires mastery of cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness occurs when the kundalini life force is activated and rises in its entirety, traveling from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. Here, it activates the crown chakra and introduces the adept to the first level of consciousness beyond all human experience – that of the consciousness of the soul of a planet such as Gaia, the Mother Earth.

The experience of cosmic consciousness can last for many days. During this time, the physical body of the adept – now a master – remains dormant and ready for reanimation when the kundalini is lowered once again for regular physical functioning.

Later, when the master is able to raise and lower the kundalini life force at will, he or she will be ready for the initiation of full ascension. This is carried out with help and expert guidance from the more advanced masters of the spiritual hierarchy.

While there are many hundreds of ascended masters in the spiritual hierarchy who work in daily devotion to the spiritual needs of humanity, there are also others even more advanced than them. This is why the term ‘hierarchy’ is appropriate, because of the varying degrees of ability that exist within this organization.

At the highest level of the spiritual hierarchy are the archangels. While some of these have been named in the Bible, many have not because the Cosmic Plan advances over time. Today, with the Shift of global consciousness in full swing, many additions have been made to the senior ranks of the spiritual hierarchy. These archangels function as global spirits, in that their fields of awareness surround the physical world and all other realms of the planet.

When most ascended masters work with people, they visit them by projecting their mental bodies while their ascended physical bodies remain in various retreats around the world. These retreats exist in a higher realm – in fourth-density physical existence, while we currently exist in third density.

The primary function of the ascended masters is to ‘hold the light’ for humanity. This means that they channel spiritual energy in ways that balance the energetics of the human race in a spiritual direction.

Lightworkers and ascended masters both share a function which is essential to the survival of the human race at its present level of evolution. If either group were to leave the planet today, the balance of energy would change so much that it would not take the remainder of humanity long to find ways to destroy itself though conflict!

As lightworkers, let us take the next step in spiritual evolution on behalf of humanity. Learning to reach the level of soul consciousness brings a light to the face of the planet which has not been seen in many thousands of years.

Evolution is waiting for us to take the next step. Our souls are waiting for us to reunite with them in joyful, conscious connection.

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