7 Common Essential Oil Myths You Should Ignore

essential-oils-for-healthEssential oils have numerous benefits. Unfortunately, some of the information on the web about them is incorrect. In this article I will expose the misleading information about essential oils.

1. Burns or rashes caused by topical use of pure essential oil are detox reactions

Anything that causes rashes or burns shouldn’t be applied on the skin. These are indicators of irritation, not a harmless detox reaction.  A detox should reduce health issues not cause more.

Make sure you dilute essential oils before applying them on the skin.

2. Therapeutic grade of essential oils doesn’t exist

Frankly, there are many therapeutic grade standards. But it’s there are many fake ones as well.  So find out which companies make genuine therapeutic grades.

3. It is safe to ingest any essential oil

Ingestion of essential oils should be done with great care. A few drops of essential oil are can be equivalent to up to 50 cups of herbal tea.

Just because an essential oil shares a name with a common herb doesn’t mean it should be ingested. For instance, you can use basil herb to cook, but ingestion of basil essential oil can be harmful.

Essential oils definitely have pharmaceutical benefits but you should get advice from a professional on the amount you should ingest.

4. Your body needs a particular essential oil if you don’t like its smell

Sometimes you may not like the smell of essential oils because they’re new to you. Use it for a while to see if you will get used to it. But you should always listen to your body. Don’t continue using something that gives you discomfort.

5. All diluted essential oils are safe for children  

Most essential oils are not safe for children under 5 years. Make sure you seek professional advice before using essential oils on a child.

6. Essential oils without additives don’t freeze

The truth is pure essential oils freeze under cold temperatures, just like any other liquid. In fact, some oils are solid at room temperature.

7. Essential oils don’t go bad

Essential oils last long but they eventually go bad due to oxidation.

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