Channellings From the Masters: The Power of Crystals

lord-melchizedekSacred geometry has long been a way for higher minds to send messages from the universe to worlds and the Earth. Crystals are formations using sacred geometry as a matter of course, each one being unique and coded in a particular way for a particular purpose at a particular point in time. There is no one crystal exactly the same, whereas geometrical shapes are exact replicas of each other and of a permanent nature.

The combination of sacred geometry within a crystal formation, then, is an exact science within a spectrum or continuum of change, for crystals continuously change, grow or diminish with time, wear and tear and the absorption of energy. The colours within the crystal itself may also change according to its location and its density. The longer a crystal remains in the ground the larger it may become, forming shapes within shapes that attract a certain vibration of light.


The diamond in this picture, although of imperfect shape, has been captured in a crystal and is a perfect example of sacred geometry in motion. In time, with the absorption of energy from the outside world, the diamond will become less perfect and more unique. Does not the human body do the same thing? Is not the body a creation in progress, growing, changing and aging, changing shape as it grows older and wiser? If the crystal were protected, however, from absorbing negative energy, it would take much longer to break down and thus would last much longer as well. So it is, dear ones, with the human body. The basic sacred geometry of your body’s structure will remain much stronger and resist aging if you protect it from harm from outside – protect it from the sun, eat nourishing and healthy foods, detach from drama and negative energies, stay away from drugs, chemicals and toxins…. When you shield yourself and your sacred structure from harm you enhance your life and lengthen your lifespan immeasurably, just the same as anything that has solid form- crystals, rocks, plants, animals, furniture….

When a crystal is unearthed and becomes visible above ground, the nature of its geometrical vibrations become apparent and can be used for healing (or harming) and vibrational change upon the Earth. Every point in the shapes in a crystal has a corresponding numerical sequence that can be programmed to emit healing or harming energy to humans or to any living thing. Crystals therefore have a power that has often been grossly underestimated by humans over time. Loving intent can be increased ten-fold using the energy of a crystal, and so can the intention to kill, destroy, harm or entrap also be increased using crystals.

Focus on the shape within the crystal above and you may see a human skull. Within the skull resides the brain which is the central intelligence system of the human body. If you have memory problems, nervous system issues, have facial damage or have suffered any kind of brain damage, use this image to meditate on and to send healing to your brain or head. The power of this shape within this crystal cannot be overestimated.

When you choose a crystal it really has chosen you. If you studied it closely, you may find that the sacred geometry within it reflects part of your bodily structure in some way (this includes your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies) and is the crystal that you need at this time for healing. You will know when it has done its job because its inner structure will change. It may even break. It will have absorbed your energy and helped that part of you to heal. Always wash your crystals after use to expel the negativity and toxins it has absorbed.

I AM yours in service, love and light. Lord Melchizadek.

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