Angelic Guides: Who Am I?

148320770580392Dear Ones,

At times, you feel capable of anything and at others as if your world is coming to an end. “Who am I?” is your new mantra.

Just as was true during puberty when one moment you were a child wanting your parents to care for you and the next, total adult freedom and nothing to do with your parents.

Your emotions are now similar – from angry to happy to sad to joyful within moments. For you are transitioning rapidly from an Earth 3D adult to a new being in new frequencies and dimensions. To do so, you must transition bit by bit – just as was true in puberty.

For just as was true in puberty, you do not yet have the wisdom be an adult in 5D or any other dimension that is your home base. Nor do you have the physical stamina to do so.

Perhaps you know that human brains are not fully developed until near age 25. So it is that many humans before age 25 or so, are not necessarily held to adult measures for giddy, unrealistic or angry actions. Those in their teens and early 20s, often act in ways Earth adults find irrational.

So it is for you now. You are in the beginning puberty stages of becoming an inter-dimensional, intra-dimensional being. So you flip between the actions and emotions of a 3D adult to that of an intra-dimensional, inter-dimensional being.

Perhaps such a thought makes you angry for you feel superior to many with your current inter-dimensional, intra-dimensional capabilities. You certainly do not feel as if you are beginning the process because you channel, sense feelings, heal, etc. – displaying how advanced you are compared to many.

In truth, you are merely a stage or two beyond others who wish to transition in this earth lifetime.

When you were a high school senior, you barely noticed high school freshman for you felt they were much more childish than you. Yet, now that you are older, a four-year age difference is not notable. So it is for you and those who will eventually follow.

Even though you are all in different phases of new you maturity for various reasons that only your inner-being fully understands, all will complete the phase you are in currently – jumping from 3D adulthood to new you puberty.

And because of your courageousness in completing phase after phase despite not understanding the logic behind the various phases, those following will have an easier path than was and is true for you. For by the time your followers reach any phase you completed, they will know that all is well in their world even if they do not like or understand a particular phase.

You are the courageous of the courageous. For you are experiencing yet another phase that does not seem to make sense given all that you have completed. Yet, if you acknowledge how much you learned before experiencing 3D puberty, you will understand that this phase is little different.

When you were an infant, walking and talking was a daunting task that you mastered with the help of the adults around you. When you were in pre-school, kindergarten or first grade, you mastered reading and counting.

So it has been for you in this lifetime. Each new learning experience or clearing has seemed impossible until you mastered it – only to accept another challenge with perhaps a bit of whining, but never turning back or stopping.

And now, you are in dimensional puberty trying to configure new adult you in ways that make sense to you now, but most likely will not as you progress on the maturity bar.

Allow that to be acceptable. Allow yourself to know that you have not yet achieved dimensional maturity. You are testing the waters of possibilities without actions that cut off your options.

So you are likely feeling disorganized, uncertain, angry, loving, joyful, fearful – as you decide who you wish to be in what dimension.

You have a home dimension – just as you had a 3D home as a child. But you might decide to move on from that dimension just as you chose to leave your home town before you were fully mature. It is and always has been your choice.

Just know that the confusion you are feeling now has little to do with your dimensional adulthood other than helping you select your direction for the time being as you mature into you. So be it. Amen.

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