Master Djwhal Khul: Full Moon March 2017 – The Feminine Teaches The Masculine How To Feel Divine Love

147042922349418Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden with Master Djwhal Khul give a synopsis of the current moon energies within the context of ascension mastery.

The full moon is arriving once again. This month being in the Sun Sign of Pisces we will experience the moon cycle within Virgo. This occurs at 7:54 AM Pacific, 10:54 AM Eastern, and 14:55 GMT bringing forth the energies of the Feminine Divine (Emotional Body) within the Physical (pertaining to the Ego).

This will give us a rare opportunity to truly work within our Emotional Body to assist our Physical Body in realizing that healing is possible in all areas. If you are working with any emotional issues (or Inner Child), you may find that this moon will assist you to have some pertinent revelations of healing that may be needed in your physical awareness.

The aspects of this moon cycle also warns against conflicting energies that can arise; the ability to realize the depth of your healing or another’s is very strong, but each soul must guard against going too deep with the passion of wanting to see the end result of the healing process instead of allowing yourself to move through the journey of the transformation. Be patient with the energies within yourself; don’t go too quickly into the abyss. Otherwise, it can cause the opposite effect of being stuck within the issue instead of feeling the transition of the healing process to occur for you and may cause the issues of the old self to surface again.

The lunar effect that is occurring is to assist each of us to understand ourselves on a much deeper emotional level, thereby, creating a process of healing that will assist in transforming the inner self to a new level of understanding. Many individuals will start to realize the potential they have to fully accept what is needed to what they are doing. It is an open doorway to allow the Feminine Self to guide the lower ego into a place of acceptance while letting go of elements that are no longer needed.

This energy is so strong though it can take someone into a direction that overly focused on the emotional needs and not taking care of the whole bodily system. This means that the push to go deeper into a healing state through the emotions, can create an imbalance within the thoughts (mental realm). It is important to allow a flow of the energies of healing to occur but also to realize what thoughts are effected through the process of the transformation. It should not be one sided, otherwise the nurturing effect will cause the emotional body to be overloaded with the feelings that can result from these energies.

The key is to understand the emotional reactions or feelings and balance out the psychological reasons by activating the three minds of the Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious to come into a state of equilibrium between both elements.

It is a time to relief the tensions held within the lower body of the physical mind by accessing the Higher Mind (Spiritual Self) to heal those elements within the emotional body that need to be nurtured. This will bring forth the illumination needed to understand the present situation to create the balanced state between the Mind-Body experience.

As you take time to understand fully what you are experiencing within your emotions, then the thoughts will follow in a positive and powerful manner.

The keynote from Master Djwhal Khul this month:

“I look within to see the emotions I hold and I embrace the Light I Am. I then allow my thoughts to reflect these feelings, as I allow the Feminine and Masculine to flow into Oneness.”

Message from Master Djwhal Khul:

Greetings and Love to Each of you,

As you walk into the full moon experience of March, the exchange of the energies will allow each of you to understand yourself from the emotional perspective but give a perception of understanding within the mental realm of your Lower Ego.

As Pisces (Sun) represents the emotions, Virgo (Moon) is the grounding essence to allow the emotional exchange to shift from unawareness to moments of realizing what exactly you have been feeling but yet was unable to access the true depth of your healing.

Let’s think about this for a moment ~ the Sun is represented by the Masculine energies but yet it is representing the flow of emotional growth and the Moon is giving us the Feminine elements within the grounding of the physical body. This means that the Moon and the Sun are interacting within each other to give a piece of their own essence into the opposite energies. The masculine will learn more from the emotional imbalance that is occurring while the Feminine will understand how the mental ego handles those emotions.

It truly is a perfect equation to allow the Emotional and Mental bodies to come into balance as this is what occurs when there is understanding on each side of the equation.

The most important element through this cycle is not to let the mental thoughts to get in the way of the feelings that are occurring. The Sun of Pisces gives forth the ability to move through any given situation by the flow of energies, like floating on a body of water, allowing the tide to take you where you need to be. Being very patient through this cycle is the most important element to remember as trying to get too deep, too fast into the emotional cycle can cause the physical self to want to forget, isolate, and possibly run away from the issues that are arising.

This process of the Sun and Moon coming together in unison brings forth a great gift for the Lower Ego, which is represented by the lower mind of the physical self. It brings forth a movement of taking the emotional charge into the physical ego so that some of the issues you may be dealing with become infused with the deepest love and nurturing that you have ever experienced. It is a time to allow the ego to relax and accept that the healing that is occurring is something that truly needs to occur.

This process will allow the Higher Ego of the Higher Self, or Divine Mind to fully be accepted within your consciousness.

It is a time of the merging of the Physical World with the Feminine Divine.

The lunar aspect will be a great reflection for humanity and the planet. The Feminine Divine has the ability to come more into play within the consciousness of every soul inhabited on Earth. It is bringing forth great moments of Awakening that will result in seeing the challenges that are occurring are only windows of opportunity to see the truth of the Inner Self.

It is very important to surrender into this energetic exchange that will be occurring. Without flowing into all possibilities, the true healing will not occur and will result in a deflated ego to be erupted. Realize the potential that you have to become more integrated within your Feminine Self – be open to the blessing of feeling loved, being accepted, and fully understood. This can only occur when a soul allows the process to be completely open, safe, and realizing that the restrictions of the past must be removed to fully accept the soul’s light to be revealed within the physical self.

Planetarily, this movement of energies will assist the planet to move into a more awakened consciousness of realizing that change cannot occur without the healing process that needs to be acknowledged. The feminine essence of feeling pain is essential for that pain to be removed. The movement of aggression will not assist the planet into moving into the 5th dimension, that keeps Gaia in the 4th dimension of duality which is currently occurring. Every soul upon this planet must take responsibility for their own healing, their emotional feelings, and how to convey that energy through their physical self.

As each soul realizes the potential within themselves, this then becomes a collective and conscious effort upon the planet. This moon gives you the opportunity to fully see the mirror in front of you by allowing your Emotional Self to heal and become balanced. This then will assist your Lower Ego in realizing that it no longer holds credence in the four body system. You then become the Higher Ego, the Higher Mind of your Divine Self.

Take time to realize the change you need to make, then utilize the energies of the Piscean energies to help you flow into the emotional nature by then grounding it with the Virgo moon as you  become the feminine and masculine in both aspects of yourself. The Feminine realizes the Mental thought process and the Masculine accepts the Emotional feelings.

This is true integration of the Divine Self become a reality upon the Earth.

Deep blessings,

Master Djwhal Khul

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden.

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