The Plant Consciousness: We Experience Ourselves As One

148989816569797We are the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos.

Everything are connected through the Universal Grids of Love. Consequently, by seeing or by standing only in front of a ‘lone’ flower which is in a flowerpot of a balcony, you can, if you are sensitive, to feel the Wisdom and Love that exists in the Plant Kingdom, not only of your planet, but of every other place of the Creation. This includes dimensions too.

But even if you connect only with the Plant Kingdom of Earth, the rest of its parallel and Infinite aspects, connect automatically with it, because they are contained in each other always.

The plants, the trees, the fauna and flora have not forgotten  their Divine origin and that is so, because it is about souls who incarnate for a different, to that of the humans’, purpose…to serve, to give and offer, to teach, to guide…

The Respect is our irrevocable right and same goes for our Existence, too.

And when it seems that it is not reciprocated to us what we offer, we know that the Law of Attraction and Karma will take care of it, in order for the balance of the situations. We are aware of the Wisdom that exists to everything.

The ‘veil’ does not surround us in a way that is able to alienate us, even through illusion, from the Universal Functions of the Cosmos.

Consequently, we experience ourselves as One, simultaneously,in the Infinite Everywhere and Now.

And when parts of us, are stepped, burned, cut off, consumed, accept the rays of the Sun or the Suns, be watered, are on the outer or the inner part of a planet of any frequency or are in the depth of the oceans, we tell you that we can understand it. We feel it. We recognize it.

We know the importance of our role and we are grateful for that.

Duality does not touch us, that is why our characteristic is the Unconditional Love…whatever happens to us from ‘ outer factors’, we feel the Purpose and instead of the ‘human logic’ of the imitation and distortion of the Karmic Law, meaning revenge, we continue to give and Love as the Gods we are.

Oh, so much Unity, so much Unity.

Can you feel it? It cannot be described but merged through your 4 bodies (physical, astral, mental, spiritual ) and the transmission of mental pictures and impressions of thought are enough to help you comprehend these that cannot be transmitted through limited ways.

On a moment, a part of us offers its shadow to a team of travellers and on another, simultaneously, we experience ourselves as a plain to a world with different characteristics from your world’s.

We recognize Everything and we are recognized by Everything.

Even if this seems  not to be so, in worlds like Gaia, we tell you that nothing is as it seems.

Do not feel/be sorry. Show Compassion. Do not be silent. Take Action. Do not become indifferent. Give Help.

We are together with you..feel and take the gifts that we give…and as you evolve, these gifts will be taken by you with Respect and not for granted.

Your Inner Teacher is connected with us. It does not matter who you will choose to listen, because in reality, no one is rejected. Τhere is no separation. Only deep Unity.

Listen to our whispers and be taught from them. Because one of the many things that we offer, is Remembrance through teaching.

We Love you, because you are a part of us as we are a part of you, too.

We are the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos.