Ancestral Patterns And Love

all is love eraoflightRelationships need more tending now as very old ancestral patterns rise to the surface and create separation, distrust, and prejudice. We are in a phase when humanity’s unhealed wounds are getting a big spotlight at every turn. We see this daily somewhere in society, and of course it’s very personal too. No one is exempt. Continue reading to better understand the connection between ancestral patterns and the loving world we seek to inhabit.


The energies of these times are helping to bring ancient wounded conditioning out from the shadows. The thing to remember is that it’s not new. It’s been there all along. Humanity’s early conditioning involves a tribal nature – fear-based and power hungry. Conquest, even for the sake of conquest, is part of it.

As long as such tribal tendencies remain part of humanity’s mass consciousness, we as a collective have unfinished business to investigate and resolve.

It’s like humanity is getting a huge cosmic nudge to look at its unfinished business. Much of it involves the way we relate to each other. In our DNA akashic records are patterns from ancestors we never met – people who often went to war or suffered because of war.

Over time, the energy of war and conquest sometimes was dressed up in religious overtones. To put religion as the reason, those in power reasoned, would make battle more acceptable – even an honor.

In “Earth’s Pivotal Years,” I speak more about tipping points, shifts in global power, divine changemakers, and how DNA patterns impact all of us. And most importantly, I describe how now is the time when we are most able to change what happens next on this planet. This indeed is the time when we can have the most impact in raising humanity’s consciousness and creating a loving world.

DNA Akashic Record Patterns

To be sure, it’s not easy for humanity to make the leap. Thousands of years of conditioning sit in the energy field of the collective.

We carry within us DNA patterns and beliefs we formed in this life and in other lifetimes. During 1-on-1 DNA healing, I can intuitively see such patterns in the akashic field around the DNA.
The patterns are also ancestral, meaning that they came from our ancestors living a very long time ago. The other level of patterns is the mass consciousness, which is formed by all of humanity over time.

Most of us had ancestors who went to war and distrusted outsiders who didn’t look like them and who didn’t have the same religion. Did you know that most prejudice and bigotry is found on the genetic DNA level? In some other lifetime when we weren’t at our current tipping point, this genetic-level prejudice might not have been catalyzed within so many people. It would have been there, however, needing to be addressed in some future lifetime. So now here we are, the cover lifted from the dark basement of things that no one wanted to see.

No Accidents

Remember that there are no accidents. We were born in these times so that we could be at the forefront of creating healing solutions. We came, knowing on some level that this would be the time that humanity could wake up – see itself clearly, and shift out of old fear-based approaches to ascend into higher consciousness.

We were born to get in touch with and heal our own conditioning, too. Each time we clear a DNA-level pattern, in fact, we help our ancestors and the whole of humanity.

We know that love is more powerful than hate – that love wins. As divine changemakers, each of us is encoded with an inner mission of returning this planet to love. Trust this.

Invite a connection with this mission when you are feeling concerned, discouraged, or angry about the state of our world. Ask for a higher view when you have a disagreement with someone. Invite wisdom to know what the person or situation is teaching you about love and about yourself.

Remember that love is the energy at your core. Nothing can destroy this love, for it is eternal and quantum – just as you are.


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