Time of Surrender and Great Growth

meditation one eraoflightThis blog has been a long time coming because I’ve been searching for the words to help memorialize this time. The only way that I can describe this time accurately is to say that it is one of surrender. We have never experienced this type of energy before and it is literally changing everything. It is simultaneously asking us to let go and receive all that we are, all at the same time. It is asking us to let go of how we think things should be in this process; how they should feel and how they should look (particularly out there).

Reaffirming and creating boundaries.

Since the eclipse in August so much has opened up, there is greater contact and higher frequencies. The changes that these frequencies are making within us and within our Earth are astronomical.

It can feel like you’re being bombarded by 1000 different streams of energy all at one time. If we don’t have boundaries and we allow all of it to come into our field we are going to feel very ungrounded and out of sorts. Not only do we need boundaries in our waking reality but we need boundaries in the unseen reality as well. Part of this is so that we practice our boundaries and come to realize what frequencies match our personal soul vibration. No longer do we have to take in other people’s frequencies, we may be aware of them so that we may assist but it is not our job to take them on. No longer do we have to allow the energy blasts to knock us off our feet and make it so that we cannot function. What my team has told me is that it is okay for any of us to say I can’t handle this. That if I cannot handle these upgrades with EASE and GRACE then they need to be slowed. This is what it means to walk in your mastery.

It is important to note that upgrades are different than clearing. And when one is going through deep emotional clearing they can feel completely overwhelmed and beg for it to stop and yet it does not because it can not. If any of us have frequencies within that cannot stand in the higher timelines they will come up again and again and again until they are resolved and released. This is so that we can match the vibratory frequency where we are presently resting and find comfort.

If you’re finding yourself completely overwhelmed with body pain, emotional pain and the mental mind going round and round this may not be a function of the upgrades, but rather the body clearing itself. When one is feeling slammed by clearing it is a good time to really dig in and see what is it that is needing to be seen. Then look and see where that line of thought, programming or belief started. If it started from the moment you were born, then it must be healed from that location and not simply how it affects you in this now.

Anchoring in the new

Many are in the process of detaching from one reality and anchoring into another. Here is a link to more info (Temporary 5D timeline now available) on the timelines shifting. During this phase, things can get really convoluted. Items can go missing, transactions can disappear including emails and phone numbers. We just have to laugh at the confusion and surrender to the process.  Physically within the form, this can be quite challenging. This is where we get the dizzy spells, the feeling of not quite being on Earth and with this can come injuries. So if you’re finding yourself stumbling, twisting your ankle, having hip and knee pain these are signs that you really need to anchor in and ground. Many people are using crystals and earthing to help ground into their new location.

Just as one must disconnect from one reality, they must anchor into another. What I found to be the best for me is to take a deep breath in from the top of my head, as if my crown chakra has lungs. Really taking a deep breath, breathing in all that is there and then exhaling out the bottom of my feet with the intention of grounding solidly into the timeline or reality that fits me best. Whatever way works best for you is perfect, just know that we are easily ungrounded now with all the changes taking place.

Holding the light

Many are finding new assignments, new roles & abilities coming in and with this comes so much excitement and some confusion. As we walk in our power and embody all that we are, we are finding that our world is changing greatly. There is a sense of being done with this phase. A sense of no longer needing to strive to obtain something, but rather that it is all within just waiting to be unboxed. Trust in the process and is an absolute must but this is also a time to be strong and exercise wants and needs. Holding the light is no longer an expression but a requirement in these energies. Anything less and one can feel quite tangled in the emotions of other densities.

I want to share a personal experience that helped me to understand the importance of holding the light and keeping my vibration.

I was in mediation when I saw myself walking on a road and was joined by my Highest Self. We were chatting and came up on a giant ravine. There was no way I could cross it, but my higher self urged me to take the leap and walk across. In my mind, I was thinking it would be an experince like Jesus walking on water lol. So I took a step and fell… fell completely to the bottom of the ravine. After I got over my shock, I realized that the bottom held all these painful emotions and people struggling: pain, trauma, greed, lack, war, rape… you name it, it was there. I could feel it seeping into me, lowering my vibration and my physical body was aching. I started to panic and heard my higher self say “Do what you do best.” I realized she meant for me to shine my light. I began to send waves and waves of love from my heart chaka. It didn’t matter if it was received or if it helped as each person has their own journey. I was simply sending without attaching to an outcome. I found that the energies were no longer seeping in, my body stopped hurting and was amazed to find myself slowly rising out of that ravine. When I got to the top, I was on the other side and my higher self told me congratulations. Then she told me to look down into the ravine. Some of the souls had wapped themselves in the light and unconditional love and were using it as a rope to pull themselves forward.  She then said “If you had become lost in those frequencies, you would not have been able to help anyone. Above all, do what you do best and don’t feel guitly for not getting lost in the emotions.” 

It was a very important lesson told in a way that I completely got it. 

It’s also a time to look at everything and determine what you don’t want. And this can be important especially if you’re not sure what it is you do want. Being able to define what no longer fits in your reality is very, very important. Then once what no longer serves has been determined, take the steps to move beyond it. What I have witnessed with my clients and myself is that once the commitment is made and action steps are taken doors begin to open and the energies push us forward.

It is also understanding that even if things don’t appear in the flow, they are in fact flowing. I recently had a client who followed guidance to make a big geographical move. She found an apartment that she thought fit, but upon moving in, found that it was horrible. The apartment had environmental issues that would have caused trouble on her sensitive system. She then demanded the realtor find her a new apartment and was able to find a suitable one but there was a 2-week hold that would have had her living in a hotel. Her guidance system told her to go on a road trip and enjoy since she would be in a hotel anyway.

As you can imagine, the human is wondering where she went wrong. How did she miss the guidance? How did she get out of the flow? Spirit, on the other hand, was ecstatic. They were thrilled she refused to compromise herself and stay in a crappy apartment. I can’t begin to tell you how many times lightworkers have stayed in less than ideal situations because they feel they must be there to inject light. This is walking in self-sacrifice and not mastery. Spirit was also happy that she chose this outcome or passed the test if you will because they had a greater purpose for her on the road trip. Not once during the entire event was she out of the flow. It is only the human perception that feels that way.

Spirit tells me that one can be in the flow and still have events that are deemed undesirable. Think on the flat tire that kept you from being in a nasty accident 5 miles up ahead. The only time we get ourselves out of the flow is when we don’t honor ourselves. This is where trust and faith come in that all is happening for your highest good. This is surrendering to the fact that we don’t know the bigger picture.

Honoring the body as it comes online.

The body is also asking for a greater role in our lives. For so long we were told that we are not the body that we are so much more and this is true. However, the body is an essential part of this – we are ascending with the body, a point which cannot be forgotten. It is the body that holds the ancestral DNA and the past life lessons. Our cells hold the traumas from this and other lives. It is the body that has been discarded, judged and abused too many times on the earth journey. Our soul simply observed the lives, the body actually lived it. It is the body that is being asked to change as we become more crystalline and less carbon. It is the body that is going through it as we embrace more of our soul and what that means physically.

We are being asked to unite our consciousness with the consciousness of the body. We are being asked to listen to the body, honor it and help it release in whatever way it sees fit. We have a tendency to be upset over the body bloating, all the ascension symptoms, the aching, and feeling off center during these intense upgrades. This is no different than when we get outraged or fearful over the earth clearing herself with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and fires. It is the time that we start to connect, to listen and to allow ourselves and the earth to experience what needs to be experienced with full trust.

Take a moment, get quiet and simply ask “Body, what do you need?” and then allow that answer to come as a voice, an image, a feeling or emotion. The first time I did this I heard a voice soft but so clear: “I need you to love me and I need more water.”

When I started working with the energy of my reproductive organs, as I was having hormonal fluctuations, I immediately saw Satan, Lilith, and a red apple. It took me a moment but I realized these were symbols for the “original sin”. Essentially, my Catholic upbringing and the indoctrination that women were what caused the fall of man had set up in my body. As we are anchoring in the Divine feminine more and more it was very important for me to work with the body and what had been stored within the cells.

To neglect this aspect of my journey by either not wanting to be in the body or by not seeing the body’s contribution and value would hinder my process. My hormonal fluctuations were a clue that this area needed attention, love, and healing. Never in a million years did I think a part of my form held conditioning from my earlier years, this is not something that my mind would have come up with. I, therefore, relied on the body to show me the dysfunction.

It is coming to the understanding that pain, anxiety, and depression are not your enemy. They are in fact friends that help steer us in a direction. Our job is to understand the why behind the way we feel the way and act to correct the situation through actions or changes in perception.

As we go forward, the body will need to be front and center as it is the Divine vessel for your soul.

Sending you all much love and the courage to surrender to all that you are. <3 Thank you to all who share and support this work. It means the world. <3


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