Energy Update For 10/2017

astrology7 eraoflightAll in all this year is shaping up to be a hot mess. In the last three months alone we have experienced some powerful eclipses and the strongest solar flares in recorded history. Waves of potent cosmic energy have been unleashed adding an explosive force to the incoming energies. This has created a precarious and shifting environment where emotions are being heighted, patience is being tested and generally, this human existence is now rather uncomfortable. All in all this is adding to the apparent chaos and turmoil being experienced in the world today. Of course there is Divine purpose in all of this but it sure ain’t an easy ride at present.

The incoming energy is both unpredictable and volatile intensifying the need for change and transformation both internally and externally. We have reached a point of no return as the foundational energies of the entire solar system, including the Earth, are being dissolved. As a result, the vibrational field of the Earth is changing. Storms, both the physical and the energetic, are sweeping the planet, supporting the dissolution of the old energetic framework and foundation through which our reality was built. The very ground we stand upon is altering thus impacting and rapidly expanding consciousness on the planet.

A deeper awareness of our collective unity is urging us to create a firm connection between the subtle luminous realms of the soul and the tangible material world, which grounds and anchors us to the Earth. Thus every aspect of who we are is being fully activated and the deeper egoic aspects of our human nature are dissipating. As a result, painful emotions, deep-rooted traumas and old karmic patterns have been coming up for healing and release. Feelings of fear, shame, doubt, guilt and denial are being transmuted while long suppressed emotions, neglected grief, pain and suffering are rising to be cleared.

The potent energy of this month brings the start of a significant new life cycle and the end of any disconnection between your inner and outer realities. A new sense of balance is being formed and you are being fully aligned with the New Earth’s energetic structure. Initially, this may feel quite disorientating as a deeper embodiment and a deeper grounding is required to firmly establish yourself in the New Earth reality. Flexibility, adaptability and realignment are important to maintain stability in this unstable environment.

You will find your identity shifting more and more to the soul self as this essence must now guide all your actions, deeds and creations. With this shift, you will be released from old behaviors and rigid patterning. Feelings and emotions may arise as you are freed from old wounds and past traumas. Honor these feelings as they bring profound wisdom for your soul. Remember that painful life experiences are equally as valuable as the happy ones. Learn to embrace your life experiences, the pain and the suffering. Learn to move beyond your personal history and into the enchanted world of your soul.

Being fully present in this process and yet fully immersed in your soul essence enables you to extend yourself beyond the boundaries of the individual self and into the vast regions of your soul. The need for unity of body, mind, heart, spirit and soul will increase bringing an understanding that the unifying power of these aspects must become the primary source and driving force behind all of life. By firmly establishing this unified force within, you are able to better ground the incoming energies into the new energetic structure of the planet. In this way, you stabilize yourself, the forces of nature and thus the unfolding new Earth reality.

Don’t resist the abrupt changes that may suddenly occur in your life. Remember that change is all about the ebb and flow of life cycles. Nothing remains fixed. You are always experiencing birth, growth, death and rebirth. Endings and new beginnings are occurring at the same time always. You cannot live in the past. It is time now to move on.

These times of profound transformation and opportunity will expand you in more ways than you could ever imagine. A new awareness, a new purpose and a new sense of direction is arising and with it, a new life filled with the joy and blessings of the New Earth reality. This reality is a sanctuary of universal love. It is motivated by infinite compassion and upheld by the cosmic embrace of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Remember that you have come to this Earth in service to humanity. You are here to fully embrace the path of conscious living and to fulfill your destiny as a reflection of the divinity your carry within.


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