The Council: Where Are You?

ascended beingsThere is a huge energy of ‘Oh my God, what is going on?’ upon your planet right now. It seems to you as if everywhere you look, everything you see and hear, is more disaster. We will speak to this, if we may.

First of all, let us point out that, while a great many things that you would avoid if you could have been happening, much more has been happening that is loving, positive, and helpful. This is always so. Always. There are always puppies licking the faces of children. Mothers always have hearts full of love. Fathers will always do their best for their families. And, yes, we know there are exceptions. We wish you could all see the rule.

Now, we will try our best to say what we have to tell you without having it seem like we are saying “We told you so.” Many channels have warned of this time in a great many messages for several years. You are at the time, in the midst of it, of great change. You use the terms ascension, shift, and event almost daily. Indeed, you see them used daily. And yet, when we have pointed out the seemingly utter chaos that this brings, you responded always with “Bring it on!” Well, dear friends, may we now say that it has begun in earnest. But, please note that we say ‘begun’.

Your entire world has need of re-creation. It needs to be made over again. What you have been told was created to be in service to you, needs to be made to serve you. It was actually designed to keep you in service.

Those who, for many centuries, played the role of the designers, wanted, and still want, to be the ones you are in service to. They call this leadership. After all, they know what is good for you, right?

As all enlightened societies know, and have always known, true leadership is always one of service. The leader of the pack or the herd will always be found in the rear until he is needed. But there are those who have misunderstood this simple rule. They collectively have a somewhat elevated idea of themselves. The time for allowing that is over.

But, as you say, cakes are not baked without the breaking of some eggs. And right now, there are some fairly gigantic eggs being broken. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are trying mightily to hold it together. You know the end of that story. But so far, nothing has really changed. So hang on tight. Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, folks. Because, as the song says, “Change gone come!”

Now, it is extremely difficult to ignore heavy equipment and jackhammers when they are outside your window. But we wish you to keep your attention on the good, the peace, and the love that surrounds you. You do not see it, but that is actually what is fueling this reconstruction of your world. We try our best to impress upon you the unimaginable power that your collective will holds. Keep it focused on what you know that you need, desire, and intend for yourselves and all of your world family.

The more that you can do this, the more you meditate, the more you pray, the more you help each other, the more you embody love and light, the greater and more rapid this change will be.

There are those of you reading this who know with every fiber of your beings that these words are true. Hold fast to that knowing. We know that you do not need those words. You have held fast for uncountable time. The love we speak of, the light we speak of, is what you are.

Be. Be here. Be here now. It is what you came for.


» Source – Channel: Ronald Head