A Time Of New Beginnings

eventwaveGreetings to You! It is I KejRaj once again! I don’t wish to sit here and write an article when I can give you something short and KNOW that YOU understand what I am trying to convey to you. And I know most of you are just tired of reading(laughs).

Numbers, it is all numbers. Numbers lock and UNLOCK secrets and treasures. And now it is the time to UNLOCK these treasures and release abundance in many forms to this wonderful world of ours.

10=1 * 10/01=1 **

10/10=1 *** 10/11=1 ****

10/19(1*1+9=10=1) *****

10/28(8+2=10)=1 ****** 2017=10=1


This month of October MUST bring a new beginning for humanity and Earth.

We are here, we are light, we are love, we made it. It is time now to begin the restoration. It is time now for eternal peace on Earth, for eternal light and love.

From heart to heart, KejRaj!