HeavenLetters: The Electrical Sparks Called Thoughts

heavenlettersGod said:

What is disturbance but a thought? What is Joy but a thought?

Every day My Children set out on a Journey of Thoughts. It is as though the sentiments of thoughts take you on a journey near and far, as though your own thoughts may kidnap you.

You abscond with your thoughts. You run off with your ragtail thoughts. Of all the thoughts you can run off with, these are the ones you take with you, as if you have no choice, as if you are not a Free Being, as if you are a captive of your thoughts, as if you are railroaded by them. Yes, indeed, you are taken by your thoughts, or you run off with them. You run off with your chosen thought pals, or they take off with you. You’re not sure how it works.

Sometimes your thoughts rally you, and sometimes your thoughts invade you. Sometimes you are ravaged by your thoughts, as if they have all say over you, and you have no say over them.

And, yet, whose thoughts are yours except yours, even when you feel that your thoughts carry you in tow, that you are indentured to them, as if they take you captive and you have no choice at all.

Are your thoughts, even your deepest thoughts, vagabonds? Your thoughts race through your mind, and will not let you be. Some you cannot forget. Are your thoughts your consciousness? You have wondered. Are your thoughts the sum total of you? This thought may make you tremble.

Where do these so-called thoughts of yours come from? They slip in and attach to you, and, yet, your thoughts can change at any time. They do, or they don’t.

What is the reason for all your thoughts, some of which seem like paying a debt, occasionally a few like rewards.

If only you do really have a choice of thoughts and are able to bring some to your rescue.

You have even thought that you do not think at all. Sometimes I daresay I think you think too much.

You would love to be at peace, yet, how can you be at peace with so many thoughts running around in your head and heart?

Are thoughts lessons you are never to forget? Are they apportioned to you or mis-apportioned? Are the thoughts that crowd your mind haphazard lessons, perhaps, not your thoughts at all, or possibly someone else’s messages that got flagged onto your Heart.

Sometimes you would like to trade your old thoughts in for new, yet you are cautious about checking out your old thoughts and capturing new ones.

You would love to be wise and reverent, yet, too often, you feel ravaged by thoughts that wrangle you and won’t leave you alone.

What happens to your old wrinkled thoughts when you hop off from Life in the world and hitch a different train?

What about all you truly learned, math and history and such and telephone numbers and addresses and songs, oh, all the songs you have learned and cannot forget, and, oh, all the stories and all the joys and, yes, all the heartaches! Where do the Joys of Yesteryear go! Were they ever really somewhere?

And who are you really, or were you ever really anyone in Truth?

What if you never did exist and only imagined you were? Was this whole vivid and unknown Life just a play on thoughts anyway? What is the long of it, and what is the short of it? You wonder if you will ever know and what difference it may make when you do or you don’t.

What can anything mean anyway? You don’t really know that something transpired, and yet you hope it did and that it was meaningful. Perhaps you would never have wanted it otherwise than it appeared to be. Perhaps you would never have gone through all of this. You can’t even imagine what it was or could be or that you could know that anything was for whatever it was.

The Sun rises, and the Sun sets.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff