The Grandmothers: The Real Reality Show

grandmothers speak“Slow down,” the Grandmothers said, eyeing me over the tops of their noses.

“Recognize that we are with you, beside you and behind you.  We guard your back, cover you in a skin of love, and wrap you in a mantle of impermeable strength.  You are our own.  So allow yourself to slow down now, to drop into the center of your heart and say hello to us.  We are here!” they laughed.  “We are with you.  You are not walking this difficult journey by yourself.   No!” they cried.  “You are one with us.  You are one with us and we will never leave you.

“The madness in the world about you will cause you to also go insane — if you focus on it.  Do not.  At this time, do not look to the world to give you anything of value. Focus instead on us or on any form of the Divine you love.  We are nearer to you than your own breath.  In fact, we are breathing you.   Let us,” they said.  “Feel us within and around you and relax into our embrace.  Let us breathe you.  Let us live through you.  You are our own.  After all,” the Grandmothers laughed, “what do you think the great teachers of the world mean when they say, “God is within?

“The love we have for you knows no bounds.  It is limitless and it is constant.  At every moment you are awash in love, bathed in and filled with it.  So slow down for a moment and recognize this truth.  We assure you that there is no hurry, no hurry about anything.

“We, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, are real.  Your connection with us is also real.  You ARE one with God.  Everything else, all actions, events, and personalities, is only a passing show.   Don’t be fooled by any of it, no matter how compelling it may seem.  Instead, stay focused on what is real.   Keep your attention tuned within to the Divine, tuned in to the real Reality Show.


» Source – Channel: Sharon McErlane