Difference Between Your Old And New Earth Realities

third eye chakraFor awhile, this is a backwards process, where everything is the opposite of what you thought/understood/knew.  Waking up/Awakening “shakes” and “shifts” everything you once thought as true. This “upheaval” is the un-anchoring of unconscious programming that was held deep within our physical bodies, which held the old realities in place. Our determined mind was relentless in “proving” everything…..

AND THEN along came our Soul Awakening and our whole world didn’t make sense anymore…. 

We had to REVERSE everything and let everything that we once identified with go…. 

The more attached, the more affixed, the more anchored in the physical we were, the rougher the transition from Old Earth to NEW Earth was/is….. 

Our NEW (Earth) Realities are the opposite of what used to be true…. and the “proof” is our experiences.

Little did we know that this was all about our mentalities, what we held onto, what we believed, OUR ENERGY and what we did with it. Little did we know that we could just open our hearts fully, let go of our linear-mind-everything to access NEW EARTH from within and experience it all around us as we did. Who’da thunk it was that easy…. 

Well, it is and it isn’t…. because the more insistent we are, the more affixed/stubborn/resistant we are, the more closed-off we are, the more disconnected we are from our own Universal Self-Soul, the more unconscious we are… which means that we don’t even realize that we are unconscious until something occurs to show us/get our hearts open so that we can expand our CONSCIOUSNESS into alternate/infinite dimensions to SEE what didn’t make any linear/logical sense before. 

In the beginning, we can’t “touch” NEW Earth, we can’t prove it, heck… we don’t even logically understand it ourselves, but we KNOW it…. we FEEL it… yet until we can actually HOLD NEW EARTH fully, from within us, all of the time, we can’t sustain it AND we have nothing to show for it, other than ourselves…. 

The cool part is the more we focus our own ENERGY on ALL NEW EARTH everything, the less we care about proving to anyone anything, because we finally get it. That’s an ego/linear thing….

We stop trying to convince anyone, or even worry about how/when they get it/arrive, for we start to truly realize that as all are ready, once they have experienced enough, they will transition over to their own NEW Earth Existence here too. WE are here to BE the Example, the Light…. to make a difference in all that we do. We are not here to conform to the old… we are here to BE/CREATE/ANCHOR all NEW. 

First, the judgment has to go, as this is an anchor to unconscious dimensional timelines that keeps all spinning in a loop-cycle (kinda like the merry-go-round that will stop when each is ready to get off the ride). Judgment is duality. Period. There’s no way around that one. 

Observation and SEEING as Higher Selves/Universal/Unity Consciousness BEings is very different, as this is EXPERIENCED through expanded consciousness and technically from a different dimension than the physical matter one for awhile. Observing the physical, observing each other, observing ourselves… this gives us HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and Abilities to shift to a different dimension/timelines anytime we so desire. Shifting the experience is just one of our SUPER POWERS.

The linear mind seeks to prove someone right/wrong, seeks validation for it’s reality as true, imposes, insists and attaches outcome to an action, yet it cannot EXPERIENCE NEW Earth, for it’s FOCUS is the thing that creates the disconnect to start with…. 

The linear constructs dismantle, dissolve as each’s heart opens fully, as this relaxes the linear mind to shift. DRIFTING (as I call it), allows one’s consciousness to expand. Closing our eyes actually creates a “linear disruption”, so that our brain (neural pathways) can re-route to our heart/higher mind consciousness and easier shifting one from linear to non-linear (3rd to 5th Dimension or as I prefer Old Earth to NEW Earth) until this is where we function from as our “new normal”. Our outside actually starts to RESPOND to us, aligning for us easier as our WHOLE BODY SHIFTS VIBRATIONALLY from one dimension to another…. Something our ego-linear mind does not have the capability of accessing/doing…. 

So we have to choose… where we are going to FUNCTION FROM… for this choice dictates our physical realities we experience here. 

Now, I’ve observed many recently, feeling disconnected, having rough days, not understanding how this whole process works. There are EASY things we can DO, to shift…. we just have to be willing to do them. 

Higher Purpose Existence — Transitioning from Old Earth to NEW, means that each realize that they must have a purpose and that the PURPOSE of all is very important in how REALities play out. 

Let’s play for a moment…. 

If one’s heart is closed, then their mind is closed and they are functioning from a disconnected state. This disconnected state is from their own Selves as Source, with nature, with each other, with their own highest everything… which only becomes available when one’s heart is truly fully open… So “in the beginning”, the PURPOSE of every EXPERIENCE is to get each’s heart open…. and every experience from that point on it to open it more and more and more UNTIL, it doesn’t close/disconnect anymore.

Once one’s heart is fully open, then the higher mind can come fully online too. Otherwise, it’s “in and out” continually, which is a huge part of this process too. “In and Out” moments show us where we are not yet able to maintain/sustain and gives us the opportUNITY to CHOOSE everything…. HOW we experience everything is completely relative to our own full consciousness (or unconsciousness). 

UNITY means more than just speaking the words. It’s how we live our lives, it’s an EXISTENCE that doesn’t have duality playing out in it. UNITY is this DEEP SOUL LOVE that holds no lack, wounded ego or inflated ego. UNITY and LOVE and RESPECT and CONSIDERATION are how we live. Yet, just because we live in UNITY, doesn’t mean every other being does yet. In multi-dimensionality, we encounter every reality sometimes, because there is an opportUNITY to connect, inspire, share, awaken, re-educate, expose those who are not fully awake yet to the REALity of NEW EARTH NOW. Yet some, still are not ready and this is okay too, for we are not here to impose on another’s FREE WILL to try to live/maintain unconscious realities, it just means that we honor their choices to go live out their realities in their dimension/timeline however appropriate, often because we can “see” vibrationally their holographic field and what is awaiting, yet a closed heart & mind will not want to know or hear “this weird stuff” yet. The flip side of the coin is those who insist on living in lack-mentalities of not having/being enough, while seeking validation for their mentalities without even realizing that as long as they try to maintain this mindset, then the physical will continue to support the lack until something breaks that mentality down or shifts the energy enough for “ownership” to occur. This “ownership” is a necessary part of the process of releasing old “blame or putting responsibility on others”, so that each can stand fully in their own power again. It’s a beautiful thing to observe when each is truly ready to transcend their own duality with themselves from within and CLAIM all new realities that support thriving, joy and anchoring higher timelines here.

Which REALity is your consciousness anchored in? If it’s an old one, then this is the physical reality your body is bound to. If it’s a higher vibrational, freeing and inspiring one that UNITES, then your physical body will vibrate INTO THAT ONE, the longer you HOLD this expanded state as your “new” reality, without attaching to it. There is one trick… you have to HOLD THE VIBRATION AND DO whatever you are shown/see to anchor/activate/create that into your physical reality here. Your human will want to give up or control it…. your Higher-Self-You will override your human self-preservation instincts, push through and dissolve the non-belief/fears.

You are the one that chooses… which YOU is in the driver’s seat at all times. If it’s your highest aspect of you, then your little human is visible and you have the POWER to HOLD ALL AS LOVE and work through whatever it is from inside. 

Your human needs a purpose…. or you are never going to feel “worthy” enough. At first, this PURPOSE is just re-connecting from inside again and maintaining consciousness. Just being happy, just letting go, just not getting caught up in the “old” and allowing yourself to disconnect or go unconsciousness again (heart closed/mind chaos). Fulfilling your highest purposes fills those spaces of “void/lack” and brings smiles to your heart again. Making a difference in the lives of those you touch (either physically or online/virtual), will activate your smiling-heart more. Feeling the gratitude, appreciation and kindness through a beautiful exchange just opens your heart even more. BEfore you know it, you REMEMBER what the FEELING OF NEW EARTH IS…. with each other. You can re-create this anytime you are open and putting yourself out there…. 

NEW EARTH materializes ALL AROUND YOU as you hold the vibration of love, unity, compassion, consideration, generosity, kindness, respect, integrity, honor and togetherness as your way of being here. You will have to identify lack within yourself and others, as it’s up to you to shift out of this and stop feeding the old that you created until you’ve broken all of these programs and CONSTRUCTS OF REALITIES down yourself. Continuing to engage in/support/feed the old unconscious realities is how you keep re-creating and allowing these to occur.

You can lovingly say “no” and choose not to participate/play in unconscious realities anymore. Yet if you are unaware that the whole reality is unconscious, then how do you “think” you are to do this?

Your behavior, your treatment, your energy — your focus, your mindsets, your motives/agendas, your purity, your openness or resistance, your holding back… this is what dictates your own realities.

This is about openness and human aspects fear this. Those walls have to come down… they have to. Completely. 

This is about letting go of all of that judgment. Every little bit. Unity and Judgment cannot exist in the same space. You have to choose which one you allow to dictate your every moment experience now. 

When you see an unconscious anything, what do you do? Do you realize this is your reality playing out for you? 

Inner Power is different than ego-power. Can you tell the difference in these from within you?

Your entire physical reality is not only not going to be what you “thought” reality was, it’s going to change…. 

In the beginning this is scary, yet moving from a 3rd/4th Dimensional Experience to a 5th+ Dimensional one means that you transcend all fear and ‘sickness’ (deep anchored programs) too. All judgment, competition, duality… it all goes… and in it’s place comes ease, simplicity and unattachment as all take responsibility on a VIBRATIONAL LEVEL back. There is not one thing that occurs that you did not pre-program as a Soul and create to experience here. This NEW POWER opens up your VAST ABILITIES to infinite everything again.

You are a NEW EARTH ANCHOR POINT, an integral part of a gridwork/network here to completely shift the timelines that all of HUmanity exists in. How awesome is that? And all you have to DO is maintain full consciousness, hold your own highest realities in place, be/share your light/knowledge/gifts and stop allowing the old to start to play out anymore…. (Sounds easy, yet it takes every bit of focused energy we have to HOLD THE HIGHEST EVERYTHING all of the time) for easy & simple to be all of our new ways….. 

Increasing Karmic Resolving Timelines: Earth Gaia and it’s inhabitants have moved into accelerated Karmic Clearings (on every level). Do you know when you are in the middle of/playing out a Karmic Timeline? Can you be so fully conscious, aware and expanded to see the entire timeline in order to choose to shift completely OUT OF IT INSTANTLY and back into a fully-soul-aligned timeline instead? Do you know how to ACTIVATE your UNITY KARMA timelines to play out vibrationally for you to experience here? This is where we consciously create/activate timelines AS love, abundance, magic, kindness, sharing and openness to be our everyday experiences instead. This is one of y/our AWESOME and natural abilities too….. 

Your actual physical experiences… will constantly vibrationally shift. When your template is clearing, you won’t be inspired or motivated until the process is complete. You’ll have to CREATE/find a different way to motivate yourself. When you are in heavy-photonic-light anchoring phases, your body/brain will have a harder time functioning, so you’ll have to “learn” how to maneuver/honor this too. When you are FULLY-CHARGED and your body-field has completed the synchronization process, you’ve jumped/shifted/collapsed timelines, then you’ll be full of energy, inspired and functioning at “warp speed”. Getting used to constantly shifting as a VIBRATIONAL BEING is a continual part of the acclimation process of multi-dimensional existence. Recognizing this is key. 

Where do you let your ego inner-fear? Where do you still want proof? Where do you still blame? Where do you go linear instead of going INSIDE and asking/feeling/listening/honoring/seeing a whole new truth that transcends the limits of the “old”? Where do you hold back? Where do you fear opening up? Where do you still have protection mechanisms in place? Where are you still holding on to someone/some-thing/a story/identity/excuse? Where are you “not ready yet” with your whole body/mind/BEing/you? Where are YOU still supporting your old earth realities with your own beliefs, energy and actions too?

Can you tell the difference in VIBRATIONAL REALities and ego-linear-duality ones? DO YOU FULLY BELIEVE AND TRUST in what you cannot visibly SEE or touch in the physical yet? Where are you still trying to control the outcome instead of in-JOYing the entire experience and allowing your realities to unfold for you? What do you allow to distract your focused energy on what’s truly important from within you? Where do you allow your own judgment to keep you from the most exquisite, magical and amazing experiences here? Can you identify your own separation within you and choose to release this finally, once and for all (until the next time a bit emerges again for you to release again)? Where do you put expectations/limits on things? Where do you still have resistance inside? Where are you still holding onto anything at all? Where do you fear your own POWER, because of some distorted story that’s only true if you believe it still?

Can you tell the difference in “Imposing your realities” on others and “Sharing your realities” to inspire/awaken others to higher-love-existence too? Do you truly realize that not everyone has the same reality? Where do you try to insist, change or tell someone what REALity is? Who are you to do this? What right do you have? Why is it that you cannot respect other’s beliefs while honoring your own and opening up to share your new awarenesses/understandings, while respecting that others may not see/agree with you? Why is their reality “wrong” if it’s their reality that they believe? Why do you “need” them to be in your reality? Why did you call them forth to start with? What’s the program you hold inside of you?

Every experience teaches your human aspect how to Master the Physical as Love. It shows you what you could not see before, where your own distortions are and where you are fully-connected or disconnected within.

Imagine if you FOCUSED all of your ENERGY on all NEW EARTH. If you got up each day dedicated to a happy, joy-filled, abundant reality of UNITY, LOVE, PEACE and Kindness and BEING THE EXAMPLE for HOW TO DO THIS…. what your reality would be like for you? Imagine if you treated every person with kindness (not fake, but PURE kindness through inner-connectedness), were generous, respectful, open, supportive, loving, share and inspire others to REMEMBER their own beauty, power and natural abilities too. Imagine if you came together with others to create, inspire and make a difference through your own contributions, how different your own reality would be (and theirs). Imagine if you stopped worrying/caring about what everyone else says, does or thinks (as this is your projection too) and just focused on what you are here to BE/DO, how much you’d actually accomplish (and inJOY too!). Imagine if you allowed yourself to be truly happy from within you and were truly ready to let go of your victim stories in order to be free finally and completely, for those fractaled aspects of your soul to merge through UNITY inside of you here? Imagine if you stop playing in the duality game and stopped blaming (everyone/you) and realize that you have the POWER to think how you want and that YOU are the one that determines whether your ego is in charge or if you basically just see your ego and let it do it’s own thing while you, as your highest aspect of you, stays focused, productive and in-JOY. Imagine if you honored the way you feel, pulling away to be alone, consciously crying/getting angry/fed up until the energy has cleared your cellular body, for your vibration to raise again and your field start to spin at an even higher rate than before? Imagine if you allowed for magic to be your new reality and let the struggle realities go?

Your imagining is where this starts…. if you cannot IMAGINE it then it’s going to take you a whole lot longer to achieve your HEAVEN ON EARTH all of the time.

Are you ready to go crazy, go all out and really really really EXPERIENCE a reality without “proof”? Your head is going to have issues… that’s okay. Let it… you listen to your INNER YOU and let this be your GUIDE back to a vibrational existence where the old can’t come….

The “old” were your limits, your resistance, your struggle, your suffering, your mindsets of lack and not enough, judgment, excuses, expectations and everything that stood in your way of achieving the brilliance, magic and amazingness that you truly are. Why, oh why, would you ever desire to hold onto that anymore?

Bring your body with you, let it float and fly too. Expand your consciousness beyond this physical to remember what you forgot too. Dissolve those veils of amnesia, honor sleep, open your heart and see where you have “I don’t believe/trust” programs still running too. Allow yourself to PLAY AGAIN, be happy and free. As you realize that your head is what complicates everything for you, then you’ll choose to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and open your heart even more.

When you are shifting, confusion is a natural state for awhile. This is because you are moving from a linear reality to a non-linear one and things to seem to make sense anymore. This is a necessary part of the process, where you start to listen to your heart/higher self instead of letting your head have control. Your intentional shifting from your head to your heart AND STAYING THERE, heart wide open will assist you with this transition. When your human aspect gets scared, feels threatened, goes into protection mode or has judgment, your heart closes again. It’s up to you to open it back up…. continually…. until you stop perceiving things as threats, out to get you or do you harm… These mindsets will keep repeating this loop-cycle until all of that energy is gone.

​Those emotions that come out of nowhere or get triggered, they were suppressed inside your “sleeping body” that’s waking up too. They need to be felt, fully, acknowledged, honored and appreciated for “leaving”. Resistance makes it last longer. Go all in. FEEL and let it all go. Then your body/energy will re-calibrate & re-tune, your linear body template will clear a bit more, the structures of your cells will re-configure themselves and you’ll be another step closer to your next higher vibrational timeline.

THIS IS ABOUT YOUR OPENNESS…. your ability to build trust, build new connections, build new relationships, build new realities all in accordance with unity and love. This is about your hesitation, your doubt, your fears, your projections, your resistance, your “not fully ready” energy that is held in place by your ego. Your HEART holds no victim mentalities, your head does this. Your heart doesn’t blame, your head does. Your heart doesn’t hold on, your head does. And your head is a TRANSMITTER to your EARS so that you can hear, when in essence the programs are all throughout your body, in every cell, in your bones, in your organs, blood, teeth, muscles and all of these are constantly transmitting to your head and out through your field…. Only when YOU START LISTENING can you tell what’s being communicated throughout your whole body constantly. Only when you TUNE-IN to listen can you hear the programs, can you feel the programs and CHOOSE TO dissolve/resolve these programs yourself. YOU get to replace them, with all new ones. How cool is that?!!!

This is called re-programming and re-coding and it’s just another ability that we have. It’s not hard after awhile, yet at first, it’s challenging, because your human aspect doesn’t believe that you can do this and there is so much emotional story energy that has to be released. This is why you open your heart fully, for when you do, your cells will open up too and they will release all of that for you. All you have to do is listen, honor and not judge what your body needs (sleep, nature, baths, alone time, love). Cellular cleansings are an important part of our evolutionary process. Honor replaces judgment.

NEW Earth EXPERIENCES are beautiful. Old Earth experiences are not. Judgment stops the magic. Inspiration is a necessity and what inspires us along the way will continually adapt and change. Nature will always inspire, re-balance magnetics and bring through clarity where confusion might have been. Presence is easier without the distractions. Presence is the only way to function from Zero Point and intentionally activate/shift/tune realities at will. Our relationships with everything, ourselves, each other completely change. What matters changes. How we connect changes. Everything changes. It’s supposed to. Unconsciousness is no longer an option if one truly desires to LIVE their NEW EARTH EXISTENCE now.

Keep opening up and embracing all new. Everything is ready to come forth as you do! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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