HeavenLetters: Be A Shining Sun

heavenlettersGod said:

You have not always been a hero in your own Life. On occasion, in your small way, you may have been an anti-hero. The mistake is that you looked down on a Field of Flowers of Human Beings and, instead of seeing the Flowers in the Sunlight, you saw offense, and you set out to set the record straight according to how you saw it. In defense of yourself, you retaliated. You didn’t know how to stop. You had your dukes up. Beloveds, you were short-sighted, and you had a short fuse.

You knew outrage. You protested the haphazardness with which Life approached you. Life did not always behave as it most certainly ought to have, you think. You would teach Life and those who had participated a lesson. You who felt badgered badgered back.

You thought you were standing up for yourself. You thought Life had let you down. Others had sold you short, yet it is you who sold yourself short. You felt sure that Life had strewn villains around. In your eyes, this person and that person were not who they were supposed to be. They did not have the right to be as they appeared.

You hit back. You had to do something. Hitting back seemed to be the only defense you had. You wanted to set the record straight, and so you stuck your chin out.

Instead of holding your palms upward as do the Peacemakers, you let Peace fall by the wayside.

Forgive yourself now. You didn’t know better then. Now you are wiser and stronger. You are not a saint nor must you be. Now you see differently, Beloveds. No longer are you a warrior. Now you move over to the side as a True Friend.

Beloveds, what else is there for you to do? Now that you see differently, you respond differently. And now others are better able to respond differently to you. Why, you can become benefactors to one another.

You turned the other cheek of your understanding. You are no longer high and mighty. Through the Grace of God, you see differently. Through the Grace of God, you calm down. It is not an act you perform. When you see no offense, for what reason would you have to do anything?

The Sun wakes up in the morning. The Sun doesn’t have to do anything but shine. The Sun just gets up. Without decision, the Sun appears as the Sun it is. The Sun isn’t a cloud, nor is the Sun playing the part of a hero. The Sun simply does what is natural for Suns to do. Hallowed be the Sun, and hallowed be you.

The Sun doesn’t question. The Sun has no decisions to make. The Sun is just being a Sun. Is the Sun to be anything but the Sun?

The Sun sees no big deal. The Sun rolls out of bed. The Sun doesn’t protest. The Sun is its own Dawn.

Each Child of Mine is a Sun. It is easy to be a Sun. Just come from the East and get up. Bring Glad Tidings.

The Sun shines on all. The Sun knows it is Love. The Sun knows that Love Is All. The Sun doesn’t create Love. The Sun doesn’t say — it doesn’t even occur to the Sun to say anywhere in the world: “You complained about Me today. You said I was too hot. Therefore, you don’t get my Light today. Not until I see that you are sorry and never find fault with me again.”

Suns aren’t like that. Suns simply shine. Suns simply roll out of bed and Shine on All. Suns simply greet. Be a Sun. Shine Light.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff