Planetary Illuminations For November


Jupiter will be in Scorpio which I referenced above for another twelve months, but it is particularly powerful now since it denotes a shift in beliefs and ideals, both of which fall under Jupiter’s control. In our personal lives we may find ourselves living life more deeply than before, and finding ourselves unable or unwilling to settle for superficial relationships or contacts that don’t support our own essential Truth.

A challenging square from Chiron to Saturn which began in December of 2016 completes this month, facilitating our own transition through the healing journey into the comfort of the healed. This dynamic is not an easy one, and if it has been affecting your own personal chart you may have experienced some adustments which were burdensome and which required some hard work to manage.

A lovely harmonious trine from Saturn to Uranus coincided with the Chiron/Saturn cycle and helped to facilitate Saturn’s role in creating tests and challenges by reminding us of the abundant new possibilities that await us. Uranus is the Liberator, and when partnered with Saturn can help to inspire great things. November is the culmination of this important cycle, and hopefully the fruits of this hard work will begin to emerge now.

Finally, Neptune (which has been retrograde since June 16) turns direct on November 22nd.  When a planet appears to changes direction, its apparent motion slows down to a virtual standstill and during that stationary period its influence is quite powerful.  Neptune governs spirituality and creativity, but in its mission to inspire us to transcend the material world it can also sow confusion and delusion.  Fortunately Neptune is well aspected to Jupiter as it changes direction, and this will help us to benefit from its more positive gifts.

NOVEMBER DETAILS  (see the bottom of this email for a detailed list of planetary movements)

November begins with an awakening of the mind that began in the later days of October.  The final phase of the healing of old wounds culminates on the 2nd, but a harmonious Mercury aspect brings the mind into play and helps us to integrate emotions into reason and understanding.

The planetary weather of the 3rd and 4th are locked into the chart for the Taurus Full Moon.  Venus aspects ensure that relationships will be critical under the Full Moon, especially since Venus rules the Taurus Moon anyway.  A Venus/Saturn combination offers stability in our relationships, but a stressful Venus/Uranus aspect could be divisive and require us to put space in our dealing with others where needed.

Venus is about more than relationships – she governs our aesthetics and our desire for pleasant surroundings.  The Taurus Full Moon asks that we put aside the extremes of our ideas and emotions and find a harmonious balance of peace and comfort.  This is a good time to bring people together over food, or in the enjoyment of beauty such as a trip to a museum or park.  The pleasures of the body will help to smooth any rough edges that Uranus may infuse into the Full Moon experience.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th, lifting us out of the intensity of Scorpio into a more expanded viewpoint.  For a few weeks we are more optimistic; more interested in taking a longer view.

**The harmonious trine between Saturn and Uranus is waxing during this period and underpins all of the shorter and more minor planetary dynamics. This planetary combination brings inspiration and an ability to think outside the box while being able to remain organized and focused.  This can help us in all kinds of ways, from expanding a spiritual practice to creating a new business venture. It is especiallly useful for writers as it opens the doorway to multidimensional thought.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th and facilitates our passage into the dark Underworld of our passions and deepest fears and desires.  The harmony of the Full Moon gives way to intensity, making this an important time to confront any issues in our relationships that may be creating problems.  This process isn’t easy, but is better entered willingly than by force.

The 9th brings a pleasant day which helps to empower and inspire us, although an awkward Mars aspect may weaken our resolve and make it difficult to achieve anything meaningful.

Between the 10th and the 13th we have a bit of rough astrological weather. On the 10th communication may be somewhat disconnected for just a day or so, and you may find yourself at odds on the 11th, wondering which path to take.  On the 13th we FEEL lucky and perhaps we are lucky that day, but we are also insecure and somewhat foggy.  If a golden opportunity presents itself take it – but be sure before doing so that it’s really as it appears.

The 15th and 16th are good days for activities that help to nurture your physical body. A cleanse, a fast or a feast – something that will help you to feel more in touch with your health and vitality will help you to feel more alive and engaged. Our creativity is heightened during this period, and we are likely to feel more connected within and in greater harmony with the Universe.

On the 17th we may feel somewhat out of sync, but also motivated and energized with an active mind.  This mild disturbance links up with a challenging Mars aspect on the 19th as both are embedded in the chart of the Scorpio New Moon on the 18th. This Mars aspect denotes conflict and potential power struggles, and since Mars rules the Scorpio Moon this dynamic is intensified.  Four planets are in Scorpio at the New Moon, so this is a time of powerful emotional intensity.  You will find more details on my blog as we get closer to the actual event.

The effect of the New Moon lasts for about three days, and by the 21st the energy will lighten. The 21st is a pleasant day for relationships, and then the Sun enters Sagittarius to bring us into the season of sociability.

The few days between the 22nd and 24th mark Neptune’s change of direction as well as some minor inharmonious aspects that will cause a bit of minor inconvenience.  Under this influence it is best to focus on staying centered and disregard the minor annoyances that may come your way.

This bit of confusion will clear up by the 25th with several harmonious influences that will help to excite our creativity and soften any hard edges in our relationships with others.  The already growing clarity in our thinking and our innate wisdom is able to emerge, and this continues over the next few days so this period between the 25th and the 29th is a good time for writing or business planning.

The 29th and 30th may feel a bit unsettled but this will only last for a couple of days.  Venus will move into the happy sign of Sagittarius on December 1st and pave the way to an enjoyable December.

As always, if you would like to explore how these influences affect your own chart and life, consider scheduling a personal consultation with me.

I hope you have a wonderful month!!

peace and best wishes,


PLANETARY CALENDAR (dates and times are Eastern time zone)

  • 11/1 Jupiter opposite Pallas
  • 11/2 Mercury trine Chiron; Saturn square Chiron
  • 11/3 Venus sextile Saturn; Sun trine Neptune
  • 11/4 Full Moon 11 Taurus, 1:23 am EDT; Venus opposite Uranus; Sun square Ceres
  • 11/5 Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 11/7 Venus sextile Black Moon Lilith; Venus enters Scorpio
  • 11/8 Black Moon Lilith enters Capricorn; Venus opposite Pallas
  • 11/9 Sun sextile Pluto; Mars quincunx Neptune
  • 11/10 Mercury inconjunct Jupiter
  • 11/11 Saturn trine Uranus; Sun square North Node
  • 11/13 Venus conjunct Jupiter; Mercury square Neptune; Pallas trine Black Moon Lilith
  • 11/15 Mars sextile Ceres; Pallas enters Aries
  • 11/16 Venus trine Neptune; Sun trine Chiron; Mercury trine Ceres
  • 11/17 Sun quincunx Uranus; Mercury sextile Mars
  • 11/18 New Moon 26 Scorpio, 6:42 am EST; Mercury inconjunct Pluto; Sun inconjunct Saturn
  • 11/19 Mars square Pluto; Mercury trine North Node; Venus square Ceres
  • 11/20 Sun quincunx Pallas
  • 11/21 Venus sextile Pluto; Mars sextile North Node; Sun enters Sagittarius
  • 11/22 Neptune turns direct; Venus square North Node
  • 11/23 Venus inconjunct Mars; Sun inconjunct Black Moon Lilith
  • 11/24 Mercury square Chiron
  • 11/25 Mercury trine Uranus
  • 11/26 Venus trine Chiron; Saturn trine Pallas
  • 11/27 Venus quincunx Uranus; Mercury trine Pallas
  • 11/28 Mercury conjunct Saturn; Venus quincunx Pallas
  • 11/29 Venus inconjunct Saturn
  • 11/30 Mercury inconjunct Venus; Mars quincunx Chiron
  • 12/1 Venus enters Sagittarius
  • Mars opposite Uranus


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