HeavenLetters: Drama! Lights! Camera! Action!

heavenlettersGod said:

The theme of drama in the world is utterly dramatic and long-lasting in its effect. Drama makes you sit up twice. The Drama of Life is an essential theme to step away from. Run from drama like the plague. Enter Life and enjoy Life for itself and not for its spotlight. Live your Life. Live your Life simply and not congregate around the drama or glamour or timbre or tremor of it.

Beloveds, do not milk the Drama of Life as though Life would dry up without Sturm und Drang. Life has its own purpose. There is nothing of drama you need except to stay away from it. Do not live for the drama of anything. Don’t rush up on the stage. Don’t magnify drama. Live Life yet not for a performance of it. Your Life isn’t made up of its ratings. The purpose of your Life lies not in its splurges. Stay out of the limelight of drama. Drama is only drama. Life isn’t meant to be played out with resounding booming music that sets your teeth on edge.

Be not a Drama Seeker. Be not a Drama Hog or bear any resemblance to it.

Drama is overrated. It is not for you to rush to Peaks or Landslides of Drama, to be in on it, as if this is the reason for your Being. Being is your Reason for Being, not drama.

You are not to light a fire under your Life or to set off fireworks.

Build your Life yet not build your Life upon the Peaks of Concertos.

You are not here in Life to walk on a tight wire nor to stomp across a stage the way an opera singer with a swelled bosom might. The stage belongs for actors. No more rushing to fallacies for you.

How many ways may I make this point to you and why? Why is easy. Save your energy. If you want drama, go to the theater. To enjoy your Life is simple. Do not rush to join excitement. You are not to lead your God-given Life from one dramatic scene to another. To dramatize your Life continually is to continually pull back on the arrow, as if Life amounts to high tension and exaggerated suspense. This is one of the ways to engage in Life. I level with you. You aren’t to live your Life as if you are to gravitate to the climax of Act II or Act III and hang there and be a Dramatist or a Drama Monger.

Rather than live your Life as if to rush to the Stage of Drama as if stardom matters more than Life Itself – see yourself more as a Server of Life. See yourself more as I do serve Life. Serve Life from the view of Infinity. You are not in a mad dash. Time does not even exist. Truly, I do not set off explosions. Loud noises may seem to be heard and not rushed to.

In Peace am I. Be you the same while you are at it. Becalm yourself. Do not set yourself off. Tone down yourself. Be at ease. Walk as though you are a strolling-along-humming-cowboy without a care in the world. Hold your sense of self-importance in abeyance. Swim through clear waters. Tread gently through perceived rough waters. Excited states do not exist. Therefore, never do you jump-start yourself excitedly through Life. Be not hasty. In world terms, you cool it. Relish Life. Savor it. Live Life. You are alive enough without drama. Stay away from indulgence in drama. You don’t need drama. You are clearly better off without it.

It is drama that cannot exist without you.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff