Mother Mary: What it is All About Today

Mestres ASCENSIONADOSKnowing that light forces run to the rescue of humanity in critical situations is one thing; an entirely different thing is giving up your personal responsibility for a prosperous future of the earth because of this knowledge. And this is what this message is about.

I embrace you with my love, I am MASTER MARY.

Beloved humans,

Shift your entire attention to your own life. Give your own strength and power the significance it deserves now. Rely on divine inspiration, celestial help and the God’s protection. But never walk the path of guilelessness by denying your personal responsibility because of these facts. This describes what is at issue today.

Too many light warriors have given up their individual responsibility and are only longing for their own ascension. They are waiting for D-day, and many are not capable of much more than that anymore.

Waiting is tiresome, paralyzing, idle-making and demoralizing. End this current state, now that each and every one of you matters.

Neither heaven nor your siblings of light can and will take on what only you are capable of doing! Nobody can make your contribution to ascension for you, and no one can rescue you from the state of waiting but yourself – through self-awareness.

Anyone who says today: “Things will change soon, and there is nothing left to do!” is making a huge mistake and doesn’t do his incarnation justice.

The path that needs to be followed is described by rendering one’s contribution day after day; and this contribution is defined twofold:

1.) powerfully manifesting one’s own divine reality, and

2.) courageously living one’s own missions.

Stop waiting for ascension!

This is the right attitude and moral compass for the coming days. I am telling you:

The wait for ascension must end now! Warriors of light may no longer stay asleep – a sleep based on specific expectations regarding ascension. Because no one can ascend who is not willing to take personal responsibility in his life on this earth.

Ideas that space ships will come pick you up and bring you to the fifth dimension – as much they are fascinating – are wrong. Truth is, space ships are standing by for certain emergency measures, and truth is, they are only resorted to if certain beings have no other way left of escaping the matrix.

The nature of ascension is such that every individual has to master their own ascension; and the secret to it is that this ascension happens by fully accepting this life in the here and now.

Living “here and now” means doing what needs to be done, and never waiting for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or for D-day.

Forget the time – act! Forget the future – be! Forget what tomorrow may bring – live now!

A new perspective on ascension is needed now, because humanity, which is clinging to modern esoteric explanatory models regarding this subject, is collectively going astray.

Anyone who speaks to you about space ships and beings of light that shall resolve all terrestrial matters for you, bears testimony of a fake god, and will – on the day that will undoubtedly come – face the creator unmasked.

Be intent on turning all of your energy inward until you realize what ascension means and what role you are supposed to play in it.

Stop waiting for ascension, but act and live like self-determined gods in human form, who are well aware of their origin and power in any given moment.

This is the message for masters-to-be.



» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl

4 Replies to “Mother Mary: What it is All About Today”

  1. D Cris

    One of the most difficult things for many on the path of ‘ascension’ is to decide what is the ‘thing’ to do or not do on that path. Each of our own inner guidance systems has the direct path and application perfect for each of us. Your points are valid…but only to the short distance of the next persons version of reality.

    Everything is valid, every path, thought, mistake, opinion…it’s the letting go of the ‘real way’ that is most important in these times.

  2. Harrison Jack

    Hi Chris, although I share an appreciation for your sensitivity to the Cabal’s negative influence upon our health & wellness, I have found no shortage of information for pursuing a path of personal wellness, sans repercussion. Read Andreas Moritz’ works; he dedicated his life to researching what each of us can do along the lines of personal health empowerment. May I suggest moving from outside dependency and victimization to internal creation and freedom from outside negative influences.

    As for the GF, I have no control over them or any others factors outside myself. I have personally moved from a life/career of external validation which was very debilitating, costly and depressing to an internal one which I’m finding rewarding on a daily basis regardless of what goes on around me. I found that when I gave up my former victim orientation and began serving others with what limited talents I have, my life and attitude changed rather dramatically. And if you really want to gain a focus for this incarnation’s efforts, read up on your North Node, Astrology for the Soul, Spiller.

    I firmly believe and have seen with my own eyes how universal law works. What goes around truly comes around. I honestly believe that the “bad boys” will take care of themselves via self implosion, not to mention other means that seem to be in motion already.

    It sounds to me like you already have one foot in the grave. I found your last line very telling. We experience what we create, moment by moment, thought by thought – you yours, me mine . Let’s live today to its fullest, its the only one we have.


    1. Chris McDermott

      Dearest Jack

      I am nearly 70 and never spent a day in hospital. I am healthy and do live live to the fullest. A transplanted Canadian living in Wales who is extremely popular at Neath Cricket Club where I have been a member for 7 years. Buy a lot of rounds for the boys which helps! I live on a pension so I am not a rich man,

      Scant few read these messages from the GF and even scanter few post comments,

      Have a nice day


  3. Chris McDermott

    A minuscule percentage of Humanity read this scathing message. Yet the majority of us are sitting on our lazy arses and doing nothing to save mankind! If one of us creates a cure for a disease their entire families, young children and all, are immediately slaughtered. Millions upon millions are suffering from diseases created by the Dark. Not one of whom ever committed ‘suicide’ or died from a ‘heart attack’ or was
    ‘killed’in a car/plane crash. Not one. They ALL live to ripe old ages. Yet hundreds of millions of humans have, and continue to be, slaughtered by the Dark.

    Meanwhile. the Galactic Federation, sits on their inept arses. The smoke signals from Native American Indians for hundreds of years falls on totally deaf ears!

    Could be another century before the GF figures out what to do.
    I, and many other Light holders will have ‘died’ peacefully in our sleep.
    Lovely way to go. Sure beats paralysis and spending 70 years in a wheelchair or breathing thru an iron lung.

    So be it. And so it is.