Elthor the Dragon: Cleansing Fire

dragon whiteGreetings Humanity. It is I, Elthor the dragon.

Cleansing fire is purging the dross of this realm with great ferocity and intensity. This fire is the fire of love, of change, of new beginnings! It is here! It is upon us, upon you, upon all who embody this realm and who are observing its transition from the dark into the light of newness.

Breathe in the fire of change, of love. Breathe in the embers of desire for change of your communities. Bask in the fiery heat of newness. For with cleansing fire much is reborn. Much is created. This is how galaxies and nebulas are formed – through the fiery heat of love and of intention.

Let your intention be that of unified healing, of new purpose, of a new day, a new blank page for Humanity to write a new story. A story of realms merging, of people and animal beings healing and living alongside each other in peace and perfect harmony. Dream of this and envision it, for you are the creators of your own story. You are authoring your own plotlines – make sure it is for the highest goodness of all kinds. For we are all in his together.

We dragons fly high, soaring over mountain tops effortlessly, with ease and grace. Choose to be this way in this Now, as you mitigate the rapid evolvement of your surface world. We dragons lend our supporting fiery breath and passion for this purpose, for we too enjoy a good story. Who doesn’t? However this, Humanity, this is your story to write and write it you are!

Take time to rest as you fly through these changing winds. Coast and breathe. And then soar ever higher on the winds of unity, the cleansing fire of youth, of passion, of newness. For you are building a new world, a new society, one where we will need galactic emissaries, for others are eager to learn and understand from you and through your experiences of the heart how the dark ones were defeated!

It is here. Breathe in the newness, friends. For indeed you are becoming friends again with the dragons, Humanity, through this one and through the others who are emerging. All is well. It is time for the unification of peace and harmony of this realm. All is unfolding as it should be. All is unfolded. It is all in your perspective, is it not? After all, human, it is you who are writing this story.

We dragons pledge our support for the ascension of humanity. You may call upon us. If your intentions are honorable and pure we will respond. I am Elthor the dragon. I depart now and I leave you in peace.

» Source – Channel: Galaxygirl