A Very Auspicious Winter Solstice 12/21/2017

starseeds earth eraoflightdotcomThe winter solstice, annually celebrated at megalithic sacred sites like Stonehenge, has been a most special time of the year for 5,000 years. We feel hopeful when the winter light returns. This year’s winter solstice is extraordinarily significant because Saturn goes into Capricorn with the winter solstice Sun, a rare opportunity to attain high spiritual states.

What do you want to achieve? What is your true purpose?

The winter solstice is when the Sun goes into 0 Capricorn, the time when we are the most disciplined and clear; we know truth. Saturn is our inner father. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn, so because Saturn enters Capricorn during the solstice, an extremely rare astronomical event, we can assess reality with diamond-like clarity. Since your ability to make critical assessments will be at its highest level, avoid the holiday haze. Please remember who you really are and why you are here. Be in deep meditation for a while every day from December 17-23 to consider the big issues. Many are concerned about global financial stability, nuclear proliferation, corruption, cyber-security, terrorism, and climate change. The transit of Uranus through Aries since 2010 has been fractious and disturbing, since Uranus in martial Aries shreds reality. For example, it has been unbearable to watch the Middle East go up in flames. This winter solstice will help you peer deeply into the currently chaotic collective mind to seek more meaning.

If you do not check in with your inner father, you are likely to encounter serious difficulties this coming mid-May 2018 when Uranus goes into Taurus. A great transformation of structures and patterns will begin in the world once Uranus completes its seven-year cycle through Aries.  Since 2010, we’ve seen the rise of nationalistic leaders all over the world, such as Putin in Russia, Xi Jinping in China, Modi in India, Abe in Japan, and the latest arrival in the US, Trump. Well, when Uranus goes into Taurus in May, these leaders will shift and will strive to stop the unbearable shredding to create new ways in the world. Checking in with your inner father, how can your intentions facilitate the great changes we know we need?

Saturn also triggered deep healing this last year with three squares to Chiron. The culmination was the Saturn/Chiron square during the Taurus Full Moon November 3-4 when the exposure of powerful, sexually abusive men—“MeToo”—exploded. These revelations reminded me how much decadence in the West has eroded Western power; liberal values have degenerated to greed, narcissism, and lust. The women abused by powerful men represent all women, and crushed young girls must be our collective responsibility. Men, go within and see that your inner father does not value using women for personal gratification, and notice you don’t want your daughter to be a victim! The Chiron/Saturn squares have forced us to get more honest, just in time. During the coming seven years of Uranus in Taurus, we can revive happiness and stability in our world after the Uranus in Aries debacle. Uranus was last in Aries 1928-1935—the Great Depression and the buildup of murderous nationalism in Europe before WW II—an ugly period similar to 2010-2017.

The winter solstice has always been my favorite time of the year, yet the holidays usually interfere with meditation. When the spiritual worlds open during this solstice, you can find truth. Saturn, along with the Sun, will help you see how your special intentions can improve the world. Do not lose this opportunity: celebrate the real New Year!


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