HeaveLetters: The Language of Oneness

heavenlettersGod said:

You are not a Pretender to the Throne. You are the Inheritor of the Throne. Any way you size it up, this is who you are. You are not an Imposter. The thing is that you may be the last to know. What a fine kettle of fish this is!

Stand upright right now, and be the first to know. Claim yourself. You are ultimately the sparkle in My Eye. It is you I see, and it is you that I look at directly before Me.

There is no distance between Us, Beloveds. Not even a hair’s breadth. You are My One Love. You are the Oneness of which I speak. I whisper in your ear. I look you in the eyes. I see Bright Light zooming all over the world, and the Light is Ours. Come, be in step with Me. We have a cadence, you and I.

I am your Reality. You are My Desired Dream. I call you to Me, and you appear. Never are you without Me. Even as time does not exist and therefore non-time does not really, I am in Infinity and seemingly without you. I long for you. I dreamed you into Existence. My Dream is inevitably True.

When I say: “Appear!” you appear. As it happens, you don’t see the Whole Truth. On Earth, you see only part Truth. Ah, it is the Whole God’s Truth with all the Love in My Heart that you want to see and to know. There are no slices of Truth except in your imagination.

Now I tell you that you are dreaming. You play a part in the midst of your dream. Take not your dream to heart. The partial dream you dream seems heartless. This is how you can know it isn’t the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. You can call it Eclectic Truth which isn’t the same as Consummate Truth. What you accept as Truth is less than Truth. Less than Full Truth is not Truth at all.

There is no bogeyman, Beloveds. There are no true Dark Forces. I see All and Know All. I know your interpretations. The shadow you see is no more than a spot of dust on the mirror. Actually, the mirror you look into is a plain piece of glass that doesn’t begin to reflect the Light you are.

You have downsized yourself. It’s as if you have thrown a tennis ball up in the air and hit it with a paddle, and it moves, so you think you must have hit a home run of some sort even as it doesn’t begin to tell the Truth of Who You Are.

You hardly have the barest awareness of Who You Are. There never is a good time for you to be skeptical of the Fullness you are. You cut yourself short. You may even doubt half of what I say to you about yourself. “In a sow’s ear,” you say.

You throw a baseball into left field, and that’s as far as you dare to go.

There is no daring involved in coming to Me, for We are Oneness Personified. Believe in Me, then believe in yourself as Tried and True. You are authentic. You are the Real Thing even as you may scoff at what I say. All this time together, We could be making hay while the Sun Shines.

Look Higher, Beloveds.

There is a True You, and it takes so little for you to be Divinity Walking. I hand you your credentials, and you fuss about them. You are certified, and you say, “Sorry, God, I’m not.”

It is a good thing that I am the Oneness of All. According to world ideas, I am what might be called patient. I am not patient whatsoever. I Who AM away from the frailty of time and in full Presence of Infinity cannot possibly enter into the nonexistence of time. I AM, and You and I are One. Patience has nothing to do with Oneness.

You do not yet quite speak My Language of One.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff