Horus and Saint Germain: Current Situation Update

new earth era of lightThis is that day for me to come once more and let you know what is happening in the throes of nuisance around the planet, and then to let you know how it is being handled. I am here to greet you and to see how much you are in beauty and joy around the world. It is important to notice the joy and peace

The Arcturians: Merging With Your Galactic SELF

arcturian gratitude eraoflightThe manner in which you will meet your Galactic Self is to remember that Perception is the product of the Perspective that you are “personally” experiencing. Many people could perceive the same event, perceived at the same time, and in the same place, but each person would have their own, personal

Trust and Faith in the Future in Difficult Times

meditation one eraoflightA portion of this article is a repost from an earlier article. Astrologers have a reputation, which we ourselves and our forbears have propagated, of being able to foretell the future.  If you run a Google search for “Can astrology predict the future,” the very first article is from a well-known astrology site titled “Predicting the future with