Archangel Michael: Living and Loving in Your Heart

archangel michael eraoflightIt has been said many times that love is all there is. Many people may dispute this, but if the history of the world is examined, the absence of love has brought the greatest voids and turmoils. No person in the world can exist without love; love is the highest vibration of all because it holds no judgement and comes from the heart where ego does not ➤➤

The Angelic Guides: A New Breed of Humans; What to Expect From the Children Incarnating Now

starseedsToday we would like to focus your attention on the children who are now incarnating into your reality. With each new generation, progress is made. However these children are more advanced than ever before. They are not only more advanced in their capabilities, they also are chemically and innately different on a cellular level as ➤➤