A Light Show From Our Galactic Family, A Sign of Victory

starflash eraoflightGreetings Everyone, I am KejRaj! This past Tuesday, what I’d term a ‘light show’, for that is what it was, occurred over Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. This was shown LIVE on local news TV, Fox6.

A while back we wrote an article, titled Stars Closer. And indeed, the ‘moving stars’ are getting closer and closer.

This is nothing to be concerned about. As a matter of fact this calls for a celebration. For even our Galactic Family said this quite often, that the time would come when we would SEE more and more of them in the sky. All in preparation for Open Contact.

Let’s not forget that these types of light shows are also happening in other places and countries around the world. Sometimes simultaneously, and now more than ever.

I personally see this as a sign of victory over the dark ones. They have been ‘neutralized’. So what is to come next? You guessed it. NESARA and the Global Currency Reset. Very, very soon.