Helios and Vesta: Planetary Shifts and the Aquarian Age

newlightearth eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect with the vibrations of Helios and Vesta.

We Helios and Vesta, come forth this day to speak of the many shifts that is taking place in this

Court Decision May Lead to Banning of Water Fluoridation

boostyourhealthywater eraoflightIn a victory for water fluoridation opponents, a judge in the Northern District of California has denied a motion by the Environmental Protection Agency that sought to limit the information available to the court while making their decision on whether

Sai Baba: How The Dreams of Your Soul Come True

sai baba eraoflightdotcomBeloved humans,

I am amongst you! Every day, from the beginning of time till the end of this reality! Until all of you have found your way back into the light, I will stay right by your side!

I am SAI BABA! I was reborn on earth to complete

Mary Magdalene & Jeshua: Love of Your True Self

twins flamesSelf love—love of your True Self, the Presence of God within you—is the fast track to enlightenment and the key to manifesting everything you desire. Rather than being part of the ages-old quest trying to find true lasting love outside of you, look within ~ it has been waiting to be discovered within you all the time

Disclosure Time? Unpublished Project Blue Book Documents Released To The Public

et disclosure 2One of the officers working on the Blue Book Project dared to rescue photographs, books, texts, documents, letters and trash memos, when the government-funded-initiative, project Blue Book; the study of UFOs was completed in 1969.

Now, thanks to

The Council: Am I Going Nuts?

Father God eraoflightWe will continue speaking today of what is going on now, but we will bring the discussion a little closer to home for a great many of you. If we do not speak specifically about a situation in which you find yourself, do not feel left out. No one is left

Sananda: Superhero Stories

sanandaGreetings friends and family of the light, of tough choices remembered and forgiven. I assure you, whatever it was you are trying to forgive of yourself has long been forgiven. For truly the concept of forgiveness that humanity has concocted is far from the original intent or understanding. For truly there is nothing to forgive, it is all

Scientists, Solar Flares, Power Grid

energy field eraoflightThe sun, which holds steady in the center of the solar system, is fascinating enough in of itself. But it also produces solar flares, which are just as fascinating. However, no matter how mesmerizing they may seem to be, they are known

March’s Focus is on Alternate Realities

light shines unveilingAloha Divine Light Child, Cosmic Star BEing, Light Keeper and Frequency Holder of our NEW Earth,

March is a game-changer for all. Yes, we’ve had many “game changing” events the entire way. This is yet

Sanat Kumara: Conscious Connections

sanat kumaraDear Ones,

All of you have different dramas, different experiences, different insights, different unique gifts to share. All of you are unique pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the gigantic whole. You have chosen to be born in this time where you believed

Cleansing Storm: Rolling the Reset, Star of Life

cleansing storm eraoflightdotcom.gifGreetings Lightholders! From heart to heart with infinite love in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view

A Dozen Top Nutrients for a Healthier Heart

healthy heart eraoflightThe heart is our most important and most active muscle. In addition to the benefits for the heart of having a healthy active lifestyle and eating a healthy diets, there are several key herbs, minerals vitamins and other nutritional items which can provide great boosts for