Zap/Poofness 3/18/2018


Greetings and Salutations,

I will simply share that continued pressure gets applied week after week after week and excuses

Matthew Ward: The Event, Soul Search, Geopolitics

matthewwardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

Let us begin by allaying concerns that your world is going to run out of drinking water. The Illuminati’s use of weather technology to create areas of drought—one part of their now-doomed

The Galactic Federation: You Came Here For The Event

gfoleraoflightGood morning. I have been feeling very lightheaded this morning and yet, unsure whether or not this is just the insane weather changes or, the Higher Energies coming in … or … did you want to actually ‘speak through me’ which you haven’t done in quite a while

New Embodiment Level Incoming Now

meditation one eraoflightWe know why the December 21, 2017 Solstice through March 20, 2018 Equinox quarter was extra difficult and isolating for many of us; we’re about to get energetically blasted like never before, so an intense preparation period was required beforehand to be able to Embody and seed what’s coming. We (specifically

The Divine Mother: The Universal Laws of the Great Cosmos

mother god eraoflightdotcomDear heart, I am your Divine Mother. Yes, the landing has been postponed for the time being. We want a successful landing. But due to technical reasons, Divine and the company of heaven, were not able to land successfully. So, we decided not to try till later date.

But, we did

Sanat Kumara: Relax and Let Love Flow

sanat kumaraDear all,

what great times it is! From our horizons, what’s happening now on Earth is amazingly great! It’s like waves of pure light that pulses over the surface of the Earth and we see you, dear Lightworkers; you glow like shimmering diamonds

The Creators: Accessing the Frequencies of Power and Freedom

Father God eraoflightSo, there are a number of choices that you make in any given day. You decide a great many things about your lives, and this is a way for you to access your true creative potential. You see, when you make decisions, you give yourself authority

Simon Petrus: Adamantine Particles

simon petrusI am Simon Petrus who has come to speak with you today. The sun shines strongly over your Earth and many adamantine particles are now falling over the Earth. It impacts everything living on Earth today. At that time 2000 years ago Earth had not raised its light as much has she has done now. Yes, of course there is