Freedom: Infinite Source of Light

body of lightCan you take three deep breaths without being any thing but yourself?

I do not mean your current Earth identity. I do not mean your past lives or identity in a different star system. Take three deep breaths without

The Hathors: You Are A Conscious Alchemist

hathorsWe are here offering our support and our acknowledgement for your continued commitment to transforming this reality. We are aware that you sometimes question that commitment and even wonder if you and your action are making any difference at all.

Let us

Archangel Michael: Vibration of Color

aa michaelColour is the fabric of the world. It is used by artists, illustrators, authors, actors, dancers and the media to portray emotions in a way that persuades the audience to respond in a certain way or that communicates the reality of the story. Colour speaks in a way that the spoken word can sometimes not, and is a powerful healing tool that is the study of some and overlooked

Sananda: This Is The Time Prior Now To The Great Changes That Befall You

sanandaI AM Sananda.

As always as I come to you to be with you, with this group, with this program, I AM here to continue this process we began so long ago. And I come now to remind you of those promises that you made as the volunteers that you are to come into