The Arcturians: The Bringers of the Dawn

arcturiansYou, that is, all of you, are standing on the edge, but you may not be sure what “edge” you are standing on. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine what “edge” you are on, as you are quickly, or slowly, moving through the process of transmutation from your third/fourth dimensional expression of SELF to your fifth dimensional

Mike Quinsey and Higher Self: More Unfolding

mikequinseyAs always much is still happening that it is out of sight, and the good news is that most of it is in preparation for the coming time when the details can be given out. Activities continue in Antarctica but you will recall that they were soon subject to a cover up about new discoveries, following those that were sensational inasmuch

The Blue Ray: Integrating and Settling of the Frequnecy Holders Transition to the New Earth

starflash eraoflightMany of the new forerunners frequency holders of the New Earth continue to allow the incoming sacred frequency to settle and anchor. You may be feeling and sensing new information, insights and pathways about your purpose, Galactic mission, origins and spiritual gifts

Month of Renewal: The New You

meditation one eraoflightIn these times of wild twists and turns, March is a month when it’s important to get refueled energetically and focus on personal renewal. Seasons are changing, and most likely you have been through lots of changes already in 2018. Many new options are about to be presented to you, and to make the most of them, you must be energetically

President Donald Trump Agrees to Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un