The Blue Ray: Integrating and Settling of the Frequnecy Holders Transition to the New Earth

starflash eraoflightMany of the new forerunners frequency holders of the New Earth continue to allow the incoming sacred frequency to settle and anchor. You may be feeling and sensing new information, insights and pathways about your purpose, Galactic mission, origins and spiritual gifts.

There is a renewal of inspiration for a new direction for you to share and express your unique gifts of the Creator. You are being given signs, signals and affirmations that you are part of something greater—a Divine Plan—where an enhanced support field for your reason for being here on the planet is increasing connection with your divine inner power and spirit guides.

Timeline Shift: A Choice to Make

Some may be experiencing shifts in the timeline where there is a sudden lag as if time has stopped for half a moment though in that lapse you expand out of time to interdimensional space. This is where you sense an increase in your multidimensional awareness and expanded vibrational resonances. This gives you an energetic imprint marker on your journey of life and that you have a choice to make. What is being given is an upgrade expansion of your Divine Blueprint Creator Source field.

You are learning how to consciously astral and time travel as time keepers of your own destiny and this may be the reason why people have suddenly left or entered your life and/or why there could be conflicts with others.

Ringing Tone Frequencies in the Ears 333

The New Earth frequencies of the ringing tone frequencies in the ears or hearing musical tones may come and then go away. It will usually be in only one of the ears. This can be your frequency shifting and expanding, recalibrating to a higher frequency capacity.

This can also be a sign of contact from your guides/the Universe about your ascension and where you are receiving spiritual downloads. (Always check with a healthcare provider to rule out any medical or physical issues.)

Notice if you have any intense emotions that present themselves as this can be an energetic block(s) ready to be transformed, allowing you to not only progress but to also increase your vibrational frequency. Allow, breathe, let go/release to love and forgiveness all attachments, cords, control agendas and soul contracts that no longer serve where you are now in your highest good of your sovereign self.

Honor the process of anchoring the alignment with your own unique personal frequency and the cycles of Gaia as your body may be shifting and integrating by way of clearing toxins, programs and emotions where you will need down time and resting. You will know for how long and when the Universe is calling you to act and re-emerge.

By being mindful of these processes, you are working with the sacred divine feminine and being natural Gatekeepers for the New Earth Grid by the flow and transformations that are happening through you. The sacred divine feminine healing of balance is emerging through the higher heart of the crystalline light body and grids of Gaia. You are this New Earth emerging.

Thank you for your presence here on Gaia at this time. Your answering the call to come is of greatest service; you have a place here that is much honored and you are completely loved and cherished.



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