Wiping Consciousness Memories

brain eraoflightSo to help us to understand this concept better, because I know it’s definitely a mind bender, we should discuss a little bit more about what consciousness is. To bring this back into present awareness, that consciousness is the intelligent energy of our accumulated memories, that are recorded in our personal

Set Yourself Free

meditation one eraoflightBack in the Middle Ages in Europe, the popular path towards spirituality was to become a monk or a nun. Monasteries and convents were well funded as their local populations were compelled by law to, not only attend church on Sundays, but also to donate 10 percent of their incomes tothe church

Sarah: Inwards

thebluerayI am Sarah and I want to thank you today that you so stubbornly and with such a solid trust hold on to the light in your heart. The love that shines out there gives life to everything that is all around you, whether it is to people, plants or animals. Everything alive absorbs the love particles that