Wiping Consciousness Memories

brain eraoflightSo to help us to understand this concept better, because I know it’s definitely a mind bender, we should discuss a little bit more about what consciousness is. To bring this back into present awareness, that consciousness is the intelligent energy of our accumulated memories, that are recorded in our personal life stream, but also in the collective consciousness instruction set. That would be the species memory that we are apart, and the morphogenetic field. That is the DNA and genetic arrangement of that species, and this together organizes itself. You have to think of it as a content as a consciousness, as an energy, an intelligent energy. This organizes itself into timelines and the timelines are arranged in the parallel universe, in our local universe, and then it drills down into collective fields of energy that finally result in our own personal consciousness timeline.

So a part of us, to be able to evolve and to expand consciousness, is to increase our level of sentience. When we increase our sentience we are increasing our intelligence, it increases the capacity of that person to retain information, knowledge, and memories. When you think of memories think of consciousness memories of the accumulated experiences that we have had through many lifetimes. Imagine what our life would be like if we could retain our memories throughout thousands or multiple thousands of years. Being able to retain that knowledge, that awareness, that connection. Can you imagine what our life would be like, how different it would be if we could retain that information. Now on the Earth as we know, as a part of the consciousness prison, that information has been wiped. This is a part of the consciousness wiping, and why they do it.

Because if they are going to wipe our memories, and they are going to implant us with false memories they gain control over our consciousness and over the timelines. The war that we are undergoing on this planet, the war over consciousness is a war over timelines. So understanding the importance of timelines and connecting the dots of why they do the things that they do here. When we retain our memories we can also access higher levels of sensory ability. Abilities that would seem to be like superpowers to us here on the earth at this particular time. But in fact these superpowers or higher sensory levels are a normal part of our functioning human consciousness. So when we can’t retain our memories, when we can’t retain that information we lose our higher sensory ability. Things that, were normal to us originally as a part of our functioning consciousness.

So much of the war we are enduring over timelines now, is that the dark entities the various inter-dimensional entities of the negative alien agenda do not want to lose their immortal identity. Because they will lose the memories of that specific identity, whatever body they’re in whatever identity they have right now. They have achieved an immortal place in the timeline, meaning they’re not reincarnating. They are staying in that same identity because they have all of these accumulated memories that they don’t want to lose. So in order to cheat the system if you will, they have hijacked human consciousness and used it as a way to power up their consciousness identity, so that they can live for many thousands of years. If they lose the identity memories they are at risk to lose the species memories. And if you lose your species or collective consciousness memories, you also lose the DNA code to that species.

So in this way, they have had leverage over the average human being because they have been able to retain consciousness memories of thousands upon thousands of years. They have been able to use that accumulated data and knowledge to perceive and build things in consciousness that most humans on earth are completely unaware of at this time. When you think about the current human condition we incarnate, we’re given a body that only lives for about 70 years. We have aging disease on this planet as a result of the genetic mutations they have written into the planetary body. So that humans incarnated on this earth do not access the memories, do not have access to all of their identities and other timelines. And this fact leaves us blind and in amnesia to who we really are, while we are incarnated on the earth. They take advantage of that fact using our own consciousness memories against us as a form of enslavement. These reptilian entities are very old and they do not want to pass their body, because they will lose access to all of the memories and experiences they have been accumulating over multiple hundreds of thousands of years. This accumulated memory or consciousness is a powerful currency that they can use against others, and other species especially, who do not have access to these memories from thousands and thousands of years.

This is a main conflict over why there is such a violent war happening over controlling the timelines, because who controls the timelines also controls who gets to retain consciousness memories. And consciousness memories are related to maintaining the species memories, which you want to create for your own species. If you wipe out the consciousness memories it’s potentially wiping out a species. Because when you wipe out the consciousness memories it changes the DNA code in that species, and the future timelines of the species. Then that particular species can be controlled by the identity or false memories that those in control have given to that species. And that’s exactly what has happened to the earth. We were given a false history, we were given a false identity that they could maintain complete control over, as long as we believed it.

This is why they have done everything they can to erase the memories of humanity, erase our history, erase our identity and further break our heart, which shatters the permanent seed atom in our heart. If we cannot remember who we really are they can easily maintain control over the groups of people that have amnesia. Many times they use our experiences recorded in our consciousness body from other timelines that we cannot remember while we are on the earth. They use these hidden and buried memories to either mind control, harass or emotionally manipulate us into serving their agenda of fear and hatred. This is knocking us off our most beneficial timeline and feeding one of their artificial ones.

They have created such an antiquated system here on earth and we have been conditioned to believe this virtual reality is real, and this is the main problem that we can see operating in the masses. Most people do not want to see what is right in front of them because the implication of seeing the truth is too emotionally or mentally overwhelming for most people to deal with. This makes our mission on earth very hard to deal with, because humans are fighting alongside their captors. Similar to a Stockholm syndrome where hostages sympathize with the criminal that has kidnapped them. We must recognize this is what’s happening on earth and hold unconditional love and compassion for all people that are enduring this and are, existing with a stolen consciousness identity. All of us on this earth endure this deception thus, we are all in this together.

So to understand how the consciousness evolves is to realize that our state of consciousness and our state of identity is related to the consciousness movement that occurs when we accumulate memories by traveling in timelines.

Again consciousness is energy, energy is conscious and they are both interchangeable. Remembering that all energy is intelligent. Everything has an energetic signature and is composed of a certain spectrum of frequency. These are the ray currents or energetic currents that are arranged in form-holding blueprints. Those form-holding blueprints are called morphogenetic fields. Morphogenetic fields are layered and a part of the consciousness architecture of the planet.

These form-holding blueprints show what location in time and space the consciousness is, so think of that as energy. The energy that we are, the collective consciousness of humanity, think of it as an massive energy field. Where that consciousness can be located in space, where that consciousness is capable of traveling or experience itself moving through timelines. This is related to what is recorded in the form-holding blueprint that is called a morphogenetic field. So when you change the morphogenetic field, you change the location in space that the consciousness is able to travel.

When you understand alien machinery, it is artificial intelligence that was used to write code for form-holding blueprints to override and create an artificially intelligent morphogenetic field that was replicated from the original instruction sets. Then you start to understand that they’re doing that so they can control where the collective consciousness can travel and limit the access through frequency fences that remain largely undetected by people who are based in the limitation of 3D physical mindsets. They are also controlling the 3D mind in order to control the experiences the consciousness aspects within that person is having. This also includes controlling what levels of the DNA record are available, what levels of that DNA imprint can be downloaded or in harmonic frequency with a particular human being, that particular unique consciousness that has unique genetic memories.

It holds, these form-holding blueprints hold the contents of humanity’s mental and emotional body. Those collective layers of the mental and emotional energies form into containers of energy that are responsible for what the entire planet manifests. So what you see on the earth today, the behaviors, the actions of the people running around on the earth surface. This is the result of the sum total in the consciousness of the mental and emotional energies that are recorded in the collective. The planet manifests that experience and mirrors it to everybody, meaning it puts up a mirror and reflects it back to the person for viewing. And then the people, the collective sees the contents of their own mental and emotional energies being played out in the external environment.

We can see this clearly in the global scape, if we are willing to pay attention to unpleasant truths and look at what’s really happening. We can see that the collective mental body and emotional body of human beings have been hijacked, to accept anti-human behaviors or anti-life behaviors. That many people when they see the mirror being shown, reflected back to them of anti-human behaviors, they repeat those same behaviors. They mimic those same anti-human behaviors that are being mirrored to them from the whole. And this is coming from again, these form-holding blueprints that are holding that the collective energy record that is a part of what is obviously the feedback of the consciousness loop within the human being. But also taking into consideration the sheer deception and gaslighting that is involved. The smoke and mirrors, the alien machinery that has being used to deceive people, so they think what they’re seeing is the reality, even those reflecting to them something that is purely artificial and made up, they resonate with or think that’s who and what they are, when that’s not who they are at all.

So understanding again how the planet manifests the containers of consciousness energy, from the collective and mirrors it externally into the global scape. If we see those patterns in the global scape, we’re going to see the contents of the hidden mental and emotional energy that is in the consciousness container of the earth. So we can see the anti-human behavior, we can see the anti-life behavior and its patterns, when we pay attention. And many people do not know any better, they cannot tell that anti-human behavior is Satanic, it’s the reversal to the principle of life. So many people repeat this anti-life behavior thinking it’s normal. They mimic these behaviors that have been modeled to them from others in the environment. And when we are constantly immersed in anti-human behaviors, we lose what it is to be a human being, to feel deep empathy and compassion. We lose our hearts consciousness function, we lose our feelings and emotions that connect us, in ways that we genuinley care about other living creatures. When we genuinley care about other living creatures, other living persons, this is a direct consciousness experience. The higher sensory experience of feeling empathy and compassion, which only comes from an open and developed heart.



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