Mike Quinsey: Free Souls

mikequinseyBe assured that all goes well and although it is chaotic in some countries. The underlying reason is that dramatic changes are occurring, that are necessary to make way for that which is to be introduced. The changes are all part of your introduction to the New Age that is gradually showing itself as the old energies dissipate

Archangel Michael: Go Within

aa michaelDearest Karen, child of light, Arch Angel Michael here tonight. For we have watched and waited and seen the vibrational change, waves of love overshadowing the darkness out of which you came. You have emerged into a sea of light – a sea of positive change. And now it is time to walk back the way you came, to pick up the remnants of fear that still

Saul: You Are Always Unconditionally Accepted and Infinitely Loved

saul eraoflightdotcomAs humanity’s awakening process continues and intensifies more and more people are finding themselves swamped or overwhelmed with emotional stuff, stuff that was so deeply buried or so strongly denied that they just did not know it was lying there waiting for acknowledgment and release. You are not your emotions, you are not your feelings