Mike Quinsey 3/23/2018

throughthelight eraoflightFor some time now much has been happening behind the scenes, and if anything has increased as the dark Ones are removed so as to ensure that the needed changes can go ahead without interference. Over a long period matters have been

Arcturian Council: Message for Awakened Souls

arcturiansWe are the Arcturian Council. We bring news of the Great Shift. We seek to reassure that no timeline is set in stone, no decision made without opportunity to transform. We have come to warn of potential great unrest. We seek to balance our warning with love. We do not want to exacerbate the situation on

Thrive in Mercury Retrograde

energy field eraoflightDid you know that you can thrive during mercury retrogrades like we have starting today? In this article I’ll outline how, and why it’s important to use these three weeks to anchor your dreams and heart-felt projects

Ishtar: Walking in the Light

angelic beingsGreetings and love to you all. I am Ishtar, a goddess and a master. I walk the Earth amongst you, both in the flesh and in spirit, and my energy is one of great love and compassion. I have come forward today to invite you all to step into the light, as walking in the light will not only bring you great joy and abundance

Angelic Guides: Emotions Are Your Energetic Nerves

angel messageToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of your emotions; both positive and negative. We have titled this message Emotions are Your Energetic Nerves and we would like to further elaborate upon this statement so that you may better understand how this understanding

Is China Days Away From Killing The Petrodollar?

eol independent newsNot long ago, there was a popular joke in China that went something like, “Who is Xi Jinping?”

The answer was, “The husband of Peng Liyuan,” the famous singer Xi is married to