Thrive in Mercury Retrograde

energy field eraoflightDid you know that you can thrive during mercury retrogrades like we have starting today? In this article I’ll outline how, and why it’s important to use these three weeks to anchor your dreams and heart-felt projects.


For background, if it feels like energies are slowing down now, the retrograde could be one reason. Things don’t need to come to a standstill in these cycles, but sometimes you will notice that there are disruptions involving communications.

After all, mercury involves communications – both the internal self-talk kind and DNA-level beliefs and the external kind involving expression in the outer world. Examples of external: your text isn’t seen, your email bounced, your significant other misinterpreted something you said. Examples of internal: self-criticism and life situations catalyzing unhealed DNA-level patterns involving love and getting your needs met.

Foundations for New Projects

Certainly, mercury retrogrades are a great time to review, set foundations for new projects, and investigate your options.

Avoid getting superstitious or seeing this cycle in a black-and-white way – retrogrades aren’t bad. They can, however, bring up woundedness in relationships and a false sense of failure involving outer world activities. Whatever arises, trust that it was there within you before the retrograde. Use it as an opportunity for healing old patterns that prevent you from being whole and joyful. More about these cycles and the importance of relationships this year in my “Predictions 2018” eBook that takes a broad spiritually-grounded look at this entire year.

Themes of This Retrograde

Our world right now is very upside down. Division and uncertainty are a part of the landscape impacting everyone. This retrograde, with its communications snafu factor, can make things more intense. Words said between two people, or between country leaders, can be misinterpreted – leading to all kinds of problems. Similarly, words that need to be said but are not said – often due to the ego-need to be right or in charge – can inflame situations on both personal and outer-world levels.

Practice Patience

Knowing this, do your best to take the high road of spirit at all times. A bit of patience will go a long way in those moments when communications are either delayed or misunderstood. Tune in to know whether it’s the best time, place, and method to get your words across.

Invite a knowing of words that, if said directly to someone, could make a beneficial impact on the relationship and outcomes in general. Remember that some things are best left unsaid. This sometimes means it’s best to be silent in the moment, not saying what you think. Other times it means that the words are either unnecessary or should not be voiced at all.

Get grounded and clear before important decisions and conversations. This is not the time to make a big commitment or purchase without thinking it through.

Your Opportunities

This time period indeed can be very fruitful and lead you into some surprising opportunities. I suggest going into this cycle with the mindset that you will make breakthroughs, progress on key goals, and discover new doorways you couldn’t access before. Those doorways could involve meeting people, learning life-changing skills, and establishing a foundation for something that fulfills you on a soul level. In my 1-1 DNA sessions with people, I’ve witnessed how someone can meet just one key person during a retrograde – a person who helps catalyze the manifestation of a long-cherished dream.

Do not limit yourself based on where you are now or what you did before. Focus now in a big-picture way, asking for spirit’s view of your energy and path ahead. Invite a knowing of what you can put into motion that will help you fulfill your soul’s purpose. Trust that in the asking, the universe will begin sending you the people, inspirations, and situations needed. Remind yourself daily that you are love, you are loved, and you are on purpose here in this world.



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