Sananda: You Have Arrived

sanandaI am Sananda!

My friends, my dear brothers and sisters. We would like to say at this point in this time, in these moments that you have arrived. You as a collective you, the consciousness of the planet has arrived. You are all nearing the finish line that I have spoken of many times.

It is time for many of you if you have not all ready, to begin to cross this finish line. To know as you cross this finish line that you will then turn around and go back across and assist all of those that are struggling behind you. Know that many of you are destined for this. Many of will choose this. Just as you chose to come here long ago, just as you chose to sacrifice your very being and beingness to be a part of this expression, this experiment, this level of consciousness.

You chose to be here and many of you will choose to come back again. To continue on with this evolution here on this planet. In and on this planet. Others of you will choose to move on. That is your choice. This is a freewill zone. You all have access to the freewill. No one can deny you of that.

Those times when others will be in control are fast coming to a conclusion. Freedom is ahead for all of you. True freedom. Freedom of knowing the truth. Of the truth being revealed across the planet. This is where you are moving towards. This is what you find when you cross the finish line. And all of those that have attempted to hold you back, to hold the planetary ascension back, are finding that they can no longer do so, are finding that they are thwarted in every turn they make now. Whatever they do that is of the old programming, that they can’t attempt to create the same scenario over and over, is no longer working for them, it no longer will work for them. Even the poisoning of the skies that they have attempted to do is now coming to an end. Their resources are diminishing, they no longer have the funds to continue these operations.

There may be smatterings of this yet, but for the most part this program, this geoengineering program what you call the chemtrails is coming to an end. The truth is being revealed in many ways, from many different directions, and in many different sources. And this cannot be stopped. Just as you can no longer stop an avalanche from coming down the mountain. You cannot stop the sun from shining its ascension light, its ascension love. It cannot be stopped, will not be stopped. And all attempts that continue to do so will be done in vein.

Many of those that have attempted this have now turned to the light. They have been given the choice. Turn to the light or be consumed by the light. And many are choosing the light.

There are those still that are stubborn, that hold steadfast to their beliefs and to their needs for control and power. The love of power is now being replaced with the power of love. And there is nothing they can do to stop this. They can either go along, or they can be taken off.

The time is now my friends. The moment is now. We cannot yet say exactly when the Event will occur, when the pulse of energy will come to the planet. Other than that it is all ready doing so. There are waves and waves of energy that are coming in. Waves of energy that are increasing your consciousness, moment by moment. Increasing your ability to see multidimensionally. So that many of you are realizing now that your dream state is much more real than you ever imagined. In many cases your dream is your state more real than your waking state. So know this, as events and I speak in terms of plural events, begin to happen more and more, that you are on the threshold of the great awakening on this planet. The great awakening of consciousness within you, or should I the great REawakening of the great consciousness within you.

I am Sananda.



» Source 1 2 – Channel: James McConnell

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