Month of Renewal: The New You

meditation one eraoflightIn these times of wild twists and turns, March is a month when it’s important to get refueled energetically and focus on personal renewal. Seasons are changing, and most likely you have been through lots of changes already in 2018. Many new options are about to be presented to you, and to make the most of them, you must be energetically available to receive them. Continue reading to understand more about the new you in the making, and how what you put in motion now can be instrumental to your progress in the next several months.

The New You

From a quantum big picture perspective, you are continually evolving into a new version of yourself. This phenomenon is accelerated during March, your being nudged to integrate your recent changes and to upgrade the vision you have for yourself as you go forward. True progress on the path requires that you let go of old ways and discover a new upgraded way to be. This includes how you are with yourself, and how you show up in the larger world.

If your birthday is in March, you may find that this month’s energy nudge helps you to break out of patterns too ingrained to heal before. All of a sudden, it may simply feel easier to look at tough issues, or to take meaningful action on your dreams. Regardless of your birthday, if you begin to sense this shift, be sure to take full advantage of it.

Part of morphing into the “new you” is connecting with new ideas. New ways of looking at your life are always available. The next great idea is a seed already existing in the quantum field. To access it, you must turn off your busy mind racing back and forth and go to your still place within. The idea cannot be chased or coaxed. When you become still and available, however, it can show itself to you.

Renewal & Integration

Other ways to connect with new visions for your life include renewal after stressful times and integration of recent progress and life events. This means catching up with yourself regularly, so you are up-to-date with where you are energetically and who you have become. Some of this process is so subtle that it takes experience and discernment to perceive where you are at with yourself. With practice and perseverance, however, this is a priceless tool for your enlightenment.

The more current you can be with yourself, the greater opportunity you have for making huge leaps forward. As an example, if you are in touch with how you feel about something – in the moments you feel it – it’s easier to process. If the feeling is anger, you have the opportunity to process it and be with it. Giving yourself those moments to process, you are freed up energetically for other things.

In “Predictions 2018” Premium, I have a section with more tips on how to renew your personal energy. I included that this year as a practical tool for navigating these unusual times.

Being in Sync with Your Soul

Keep in mind that personal energy renewal is not something you do simply to help yourself stay sane. It is essential for your effectiveness in the world, and for creating loving relationships. You must be fed personally before you can feed anyone else. You must know yourself on an inner level before you can truly know anyone else. You must be in sync with what your soul needs in order to create the appropriate inner and outer life. Trust that these are things you are instinctively able to do. Know that you are loved each day, even if you don’t feel the love. The love is in you, and in the space between you and all that is.



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