Freedom: Infinite Source of Light

body of lightCan you take three deep breaths without being any thing but yourself?

I do not mean your current Earth identity. I do not mean your past lives or identity in a different star system. Take three deep breaths without even being human, yes.

Be the pure spirit that you truly are for a moment. Drop every thing you know. That is what you truly are. An infinite and eternal source of light, who in this moment has chosen to express the self as a human being, and as (your name).

What you are, in your WHOLENESS, is impossible to put into words. As a matter of a fact it isn’t even easy to FEEL at this moment your true power and beingness. Why? Because we have been programed for millennia, almost beyond repair. Yes, we were a decade or two away from becoming robotic slave beings.

Once again, thank you to the Divine Force for intervention, and all the other benevolent beings in the Universe for giving humanity another chance.

One more chance at spiritual evolution. One more chance to love ourselves and eachother. One more chance to prove that we are worthy.

I say again, stop, breath, see and feel yourself as an infinite being with the power of the Divine in your heart. And let it be your intention to love more and more every day. To grow spiritually more and more every day. And to shine greater light on to this world and lead by example. For YOU HOLD WITHIN YOU immeasurable power.

The brightest light shines from within. From heart to heart, I Am KejRaj!