Cleansing Storm: Rolling the Reset, Star of Life

cleansing storm eraoflightdotcom.gifGreetings Lightholders! From heart to heart with infinite love in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Cleansing Storm

Today we wish to begin this peace by saying YOU ARE THE STORM many are speaking about.

Many people are expecting something of a, shall we say negative nature. This is not so, far from that.

The storm you may have heard about, that many mention today in the awakened community is one of a positive nature. This is the storm, picking up speed immensely by the minute, that will cleanse our world, leading to the Event. There is no destruction going on right now, there is only REMEMBERING AND RESTRUCTURING occurring in this world.

All Earth’s Kingdoms in this moment are going through a cleansing and making room for the more refined energies of the 5th Dimension being anchored on Earth now. The lands, the waters, the animals, the humans, and more. All is being cleansed and UPLIFTED now.

All of this leads to more portals being opened. And not just cosmic portals, planetary portals, but individual SOUL portals within YOU. Breaking down the barriers of illusion that have held you captive ’til now. As this occurs, we begin to create and express ALL NEW energies of SOURCE that have not been before. This is the NEW EARTH, this is the NEW HUMANITY, this is the NEW YOU.

In these times this is your true SELF coming online if we may say. S.E.L.F, Spirit Emerging Like Fire. And this is exactly what is happening right now. The spiritual energy of the Divine is emerging from within EVERY THING here on Earth. Humans, animals, faeries, plants, waters, and many more, the spirit within all is emerging into a whole new octave of existence.

So let us see and not forget that though we are going through a storm right now, the sun is shining brighter than ever. This is the storm of light, the storm of love, peace and joy that is being created by YOU, through YOU, and with YOU.

Yes bright one, in this moment YOU ARE doing exactly that which you came to do in this world, anchoring the light of Source. And now with the new light waves coming in, a new chapter begins for you. A new and unique way of expression, a new way of love(divine), a new way of life for all of humanity. Light, love, peace and joy for all.

Global Currency Reset

The Universe is here to serve you. Have you realized this yet? BE LOVE AND BELIEVE. You WILL see this for yourself. And this is what we must understand when it comes to the Global Currency Reset.

Everything in our world has reached its boiling point, including Mother Earth. All is ready to erupt, and all will receive different results and be where they are destined to be during these times. The Global Currency Reset is another, major piece of the puzzle that WILL fall into place in the right moment. And we are not talking in years or months from now, but days. Obviously the Global Currency Reset is not a piece of just my reality but for billions that will be affected by this blessing.

No longer is anyone being allowed to interfere with the release of this miracle. Anyone making such attempts is being dealt with swiftly. The ones that have been a thorn in the side of the Alliance and preventing the changeover are being rounded up and or neutralized at full speed.

The dominoes are falling one after the other. And the time for the one to fall that will cause ripples and waves is here, now.

Yes the time has finally arrived to roll out the Global Currency Reset, and get the show of light moving.

We tend to run out of patience when we see the outside world, when we still let our old way of thinking interfere in our processes, it is understandable. But we must now once again turn WITHIN. For the moment quickly approaches when all hearts are to be calmed and filled with joy. The wait is over. Congratulations!

Star of Life(S.O.L)

Did you ever wonder if the Sun, the governor of our Solar System is ‘alive’?

I have. Long ago. The moment that thought sparked in my consciousness, I knew deep within the answer is yes. The answer was always in the ‘thought’ itself.

Yes, our Sun is alive. It breathes, it exhales, it shares, it IS.

It is very simple. You have to have light, life, in order to give it. Our Sun, gives light, life, and much more to everything on Earth and beyond.

But to a mind of the ‘social sciences’, the Sun is just a gaseous object and it is bad for you. The Sun is evil, it gives you cancer. Also it is only recently that scientists are beginning to think in terms of science beyond ‘matter’. Imagine the ridicule, calling a today’s so-called scientist close-minded. Unless of course they do not wish to share the truth by orders given to them by someone else. Someone who knows the true benefits of the Sun. So to keep humanity asleep, they create stories in the media to put fear in people’s minds and give them a negative image of the Sun, and you have everyone staying indoors and still the numbers of sick people in the Western World are higher than ever.

Light is intelligence. So is our Sun. This star does not just give light and life, but it also knows how much light one needs. The Sun ‘reads’ you, it knows what you need as far as energy, and it radiates it to you. But many people cannot process this light.

Growing up, I and my cousins would play outside in the Sun all day long, literally. We would never get sick.

I have done it countless times, and still do it now. I sit outside in the middle of a field for three to five hours, often times at the sun’s greatest height above the horizon, and I feel nothing but joy, and maybe a little sweat. I do not recommend anyone do this, we are all different. If you wish however, do this at sunrise for the first two to three hours. I must also mention that the Sun itself is not ‘hot’. The heat we experience is caused by the pollution of planet Earth that we have created.

Most of the people I know, get a headache, feel dizzy within twenty minutes of being outside when it is sunny, no matter what time of the day.

It is not because the Sun’s ultra-violet light is bad for you.

When one has a ‘cloudy consciousness’, one cannot absorb too much light, simply because there is no room for the light. You also get aches as the light pushes through the imbalanced pockets in your body. And of course, you cannot be locked up in your house for weeks, and go outside once a month or less and than get upset because the light may not be so comfortable.

Release all negative thought forms, watch what you consume, spend time in the Sun. Gradually increasing the amount of time. And see the changes you will experience. Heightened awareness, development of intuition, less need for food, activation of your dormant DNA, boosts immunity, and much more. Just the vitamin D from the Sun has over one thousand benefits for the human body. The benefits of the light from this magnificent star are endless.

We are aware now that our sun is changing. As it receives new energies from the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, our Sun is becoming more powerful than ever before. These new energies are being radiated to us by the Sun, infusing everything on Earth with new light. This is bringing immense changes to our world. And again, the ones with a cloudy consciousness and junk filled physical bodies are having a very difficult time processing this new light. We kindly say, change or prepare to be CHANGED.

The true star of life that is the Sun was put here for great purpose. However, as I said before it is the ones we chose as our leaders that have kept us in the shadows because we allowed them to. Not to worry though, because as the new light builds upon the Earth, ALL will be transmuted into light. The time is now.

The brightest light shines from within. I AM KejRaj!