Helios and Vesta: Planetary Shifts and the Aquarian Age

newlightearth eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect with the vibrations of Helios and Vesta.

We Helios and Vesta, come forth this day to speak of the many shifts that is taking place in this System of Worlds.

We are the Solar Logos and we are known by many names upon your Earth Many will know us as Osiris and Isis, Krishna and Radha, Apollo and Lumina Surya and Saranyu and many other names for we are expansions of one energy representing the different Solar Systems in this System of Worlds.

We are two aspects of One Spirit/Soul as you upon your Earth call Twin Flames. We work in the vibration of the Solar and Lunar energy.

We speak at this time for you are blessed with the Double Moon upon your earth over the coming days with an amplification of the lunar energy coming forth upon your earth over the next coming days.

Many planetary shifts are taking place over the next coming months upon your Earth. Jupiter is in Transition and the energy coming forth to you all will be a time of the Great Revealing and in this time of the Great Revealing you shall see a grand shift in the elevation of consciousness.

Your Earth has shifted and is completing its’ cycle…. Some of you will call it the 26000 year cycle some will call it 13000 year cycle some will call it the Diamond Age some will call it the Age of Aquarius and some will call it Kali Yuga.

This event is directed by a major galactic transformation. This sees many significant alignments upon your earth. Last year saw a major alignments of the main planets with Leo and Virgo and Solar and Lunar Eclipses are taking place – Planetary Shifts to assist in moving your Earth into the next stages of its Spiritual Evolution.

Your Earth is in the middle of a major global shift that has been prophesied upon your Earth over Eons.

Your Earth is experiencing the stages of purification transformation and great transition.

Significant Planetary shifts come forth Jupitar is in transition and about to retrograde we see this a major planetary event to assist the Earth with the elevation of consciousness. With this elevation of consciousness this will see a more finer working and connection with the dimensions of light connecting you with the days that you experienced during your timelines in Lemuria.

A new energy has come forth from the Great Central Sun and the Galactic Core to assist the Earth’s Spiritual Energy.

This energy is an important force that guides and directs humanity’s spiritual growth, development and evolution. It is an essential part in connecting us with the over lighting universal and cosmic energies.

Solar Gateways are now activating. Energy coming forth from the 12 Great Central Suns activating the Golden Light of Healing – Healing Energy is being activated to a higher frequency at this time.

Dear children of the Earth many of you are now ascending and we delight in the progress of many ascending souls. In this time of transition, many of you will be faced with great challenge. Many of you will be faced with challenges. Many do not understand your pathway. Remember all are upon different levels of learning upon their Ascension process. It is vital to co-create the ripple effect of love and understanding. It is a time to balance and align with your Higher Selves in order to fulfil the Divine Plan as intended.

We come forth now to overlight you all with the Frequencies of the Great Central Sun, We bring to you the Divine Energy of the Alpha and Omega, The Masculine and Feminine Divine. It is a beautiful time to be upon your Earth at this hour to bring forth an energy of harmony and of great balance.

Your Earth is now stepping into the Golden Light and with this we come to you with these frequencies of love and healing and activation.

The Solar frequencies are now intensifying and is assisting now with the healing and over lighting of the Ascended and Ascending Souls on special mission at this time working with the Earth in the areas of Templates Alignments Rescue and Gridwork.

The complete anchoring of the Christ consciousness and connection with the luminous rays of the Great Central Sun are the main focus and purpose of working with the Solar Energy thus using this energy and frequency to aid in activations and energising or enhancing knowledge and experiences. After you have become a planetary master whether on the Earth or the inner planes it is a wonderful process to then connect more fully with the solar light and to allow your energies and light vibration to soar and expand beyond limitations.

The anchoring of light and absorbing and accepting these light frequencies will shift and heal you.

It is now time dear Souls to step into the illumined light. You I AM Avatar of Light, know that you are the Rainbow Warriors of Light and Love.

The time is now to step into the light to be the Leader of Ascension. Those whom have been activated in the First Wave Awakening are walking the paths now leading the way and we are calling now and reaching out to Second Third and Fourth Wave Awakening Souls to step into your Light in this now. With the Golden Light Frequency being poured forth to you all reading this message that we bring we duly activate you all upon this hour preparing you all for the next stages of your Ascension.

We leave you with every love and blessing

We are Helios and Vesta and we speak through Elaine this day.

www.EraofLight.com – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio