Lemurian Council of Light: Celestial Message

divine love and energy update eraoflightGreetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Labrador. I’m here with the Lemurian Council of Light. Adama is here standing in the center of your circle, and he is High Priest here in Telos, the underground city in which I help to bring the beloved souls from our beautiful continent before the fall. I wish for each of you to take a deep, inhaling breath, if you so shall, and to anchor your energy here in Telos, your home. Some of you may not realize this, but you are living here etherically. That an aspect of you, an essence of you is living here with us in Telos. And you may be a bit confused, but understand you are multi-dimensional, and you live parallel lives all at one time. You are here in Telos, you are here in Sarasota, FL, and you are able to simply relocate your energy from one spot to another.

What I wish to bring to you today is the reawakening of the remembrance of your beautiful time in which you lived in balance and harmony. And if you so shall, allow Adama to touch your heart, and open your energy to the beautiful frequency of Divine balance, love, healing, and remembrance. And so I ask you, Dear Daughters, to begin to breathe, begin to breathe in this frequency of purity, the purity of love and the purity of peace. Call in this powerful frequency, for it is your birthright, it is that which you are now to begin to embody. Peace, peace, peace, my children. Begin to breathe in the vibrational frequency of peace and love, and so allow your heart to open as you begin to shift the vibration from fear to love, from separation to union. And today, we call forth this sacred balance of Divine Union within each of your hearts. Calling in this powerful frequency of union with the Divine Creator, with the heavenly realms, and the heavenly hosts of all who stand with you and support you.

And so I ask you, Dearest Ones, to step into this frequency of the purity that you have lived and will continue to live in your conscious state of mind. Begin to breathe this into your consciousness, begin to breathe this essence into your being. And feel the lightness of your own soul, that you have come home again. That you have come home to be here in Telos with us, to be here in Lemuria. To be with your fellow brothers and sisters who now are living and breathing and walking in Divine balance. You have done this, and you have lived this. And yes, it is time to bring it forth back into your being once again. For how important it is, Dearest Children, to stand in the brilliance of the Great I AM. For you see, Dearest Ones, we here in Telos, the Lemurians, are holding the template and the frequency of Divine Love. And we are asking each of you to step forward and to return to balance, stepping into your divinity so that as you now master your physical life here on this Earth plane, as a physical spiritual being, you can draw from the essence of your life time in Lemuria. And you can draw from the frequency of our family of light. Yes, Dearest Children, you are all part of the Lemurian family of light. You can enter in and be with us at any time. Some of you are doing this at will, some of you will now begin to do it as you now give yourself permission to return home. To be in this frequency that is filled with such peace, such love, and such harmony, and such balance. That you will now begin to feel every cell, every fiber, every core of your being, and even your own DNA beginning to shift in its vibration. As if your body is becoming alive and screaming out for balance. Calling in this energy and being at peace.

It was indeed unfortunate when our beautiful continent fell into the Pacific Ocean. It was a difficult time for us, for we knew that we had taken a deep fall, a fall from grace. And yet, there were so many of us who were so confused and so lost and heartbroken. But it has taken some time for all of us to say we hold no more grief within our essence, because that is not a part of balance. We understood what was, and now we understand what will be, that your surface population, in due time, will return to balance, and Mother Earth in her rightful form will return back to her perfected state of peace, love, harmony, and balance. And you, Dearest Children, are needed to hold your light and to be in balance so that you are able to bring your beautiful gifts and your remembrance of beautiful Lemuria as spiritual beings of light onto the surface population here on this planet. Because with every step that you take, you are leaving your frequency of purity and love for the next individual to step into. You see, the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, they have left their imprints for all to awaken, to return to balance and union. And so, Dear One, we ask you to make the decision that you will now use your vessel to be a conduit of peace and love and harmony, and you will make the difference by every step that you take, and every breath that you take, your vibration and your frequency are creating peace and harmony. You may not always understand, Dearest Children, why these civilizations that we loved so much needed to go through such devastation. We say, Dearest One, it is man’s decision based on his consciousness, moment by moment.

And so we say to you it is a choice within yourself to choose light and love and peace. And you may return to this sacred Divine Union in this beautiful Temple of Healing inside of yourself. Today, Dearest Ones, Adama is touching your hearts and opening you as portals, and you are all living temples of light, love, and peace. Every single person in this room is being activated as we speak, if you so choose to be activated, as a Living Temple of Lemuria. And you know, Dearest Ones, that the energy of the Sacred Feminine and the energy of the Sacred Masculine are coming forth in their rightful place, and the dance has begun. The falling of the old guard, as they say, will eventually crumble, and the Sacred Feminine and the energy of our beautiful essence here in Telos can now be brought forward onto the surface. And so I ask you, Dearest Children, to breathe in the blue ray of light, the powerful frequency as Archangel Michael steps forward to clear your energy fields and begin to anchor your into this Lemurian Temple. You are all temples, portals, anchors of light. And each time that you step into your brilliance, with every 24 hours that you open your eyes and you awaken, begin to feel this strength inside of yourself. Do not long for what was, but hold the energy now within your essence self, because so many, as I have said, are mourning the loss of Lemuria, it is why you are here today, wondering and curious. Many of you have felt the pain and suffering, not only of Lemuria, but of Atlantis and also of the Sumerian and the Egyptian civilizations. We say, Dearest One, hold the light and begin to move forward. Hold the light and begin to move forward.

If you so allow, Adama is going to take you into the Temple of Union, the Etheric Temple, here in Mt. Shashta at this exact moment, it is there within this Temple we held our sacred marriage ceremonies. And today, we bring you into this Temple so that the frequency and the energy of balance and Divine Union can now be centered within your soul and you will begin to feel the calling from your soul, that will allow your consciousness to assist you to return to balance. If there is an area within your life that is out of balance, than this frequency will help you to return to balance. If there is an area where you are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in any relationship, or with the relationship with yourself, you say how can this be? We say, with your intention. We are gifting you this gift today, and we are anchoring you into this beautiful Temple. We are also flooding this building, this center, this land, and the energy 40 miles north, south, east, and west of this location, and we are anchoring this as a part of the Lemurian essence, as if there is a Clarion call being called forth. And as the Lemurians step forward into sacred union and balance, they will be drawn to this center and region, and to the Divine chapel. Because they will feel the draw here, to return into union with themselves.

So today, this is your day to re-remember the essence as a Lemurian. And you are gifted with this frequency and this brilliance. And the power of great proportion. Now, Dearest Ones, as Adama greets you from the Sacred Divine Temple, center yourself back into your heart, and silently say Namaste to yourself.



» Source » Channel: Reverend Lea Chapin