Heavenletters: Surrender

heavenlettersGod said:

Surrendering yourself to Me is the same as surrounding yourself with Me. You surround yourself with your acknowledgement of what is. It is not surrender but recognition. Surrender is the brightening of a lamp you kept dimmed. Surrender is the ah of joy that escapes your breath in a moment of inescapable Truth. Surrender is surrender only to Truth. Surrender is realization of a Wonderful Partnership.

So many times you have thought you were alone. For you to be alone is an impossibility. There is no separation between you and Me. There never was. There was your averting your eyes.

Now you open your eyes, and now you see.

Your surrender to Me is not for Me. It is for you. You need your surrender. I already know Truth. I am Truth, and so are you. You need something more only in your awareness, and that something more is surrender.

Surrender to Me is no sacrifice. It is quite the opposite. It is a great lifting of burden. You have carried burden that is not yours to carry and that profits no one. Do you think you are helping Me with carrying what is Mine?

You think you are conscientious, but it is more like you are burdensome. You weigh yourself down with responsibility that you assume is yours to take. If your heart is laden, you have intruded there and packed in some things that do not belong to your heart and for which there is no room.

If you lack happiness, it is because you have crowded it out. Unpack your heart.

Surrender its worry.

Surrender its control.

Surrender all its fears.

Surrender all its attachment.

Surrender all from your heart except its true nature of love. Give yourself freedom, for that is love. Let go of your false responsibility for others and allow Me. Let Me enter their heart and yours. Let Me take hold in your heart. I place My flag there. On one side the flag says Freedom and on the other it says Love, for freedom and love are synonyms for one another.

You thought clamping was love. Now you know that clamping is attachment, and freedom is love. Love and freedom do not exist one without the other.

Do not clamp down. Do not staple things to yourself. Let them touch you, if they do, but do not paste them to you. If you paste them, then they are not free, and you are not free.

There is one thing you are in truth attached to, and that is My love. Even that, you are not attached to. It is your very content. Perhaps We can say that My love is attached to you. You can think of it that way if you like, for My love never wavers from you. It is focused on you. You can’t make a move without it.

We can say that My love is a spotlight on you. You never move too fast for My light to spot you and stay with you. I follow you always. Now it is time for you to see My light following you. Pretty soon you will blend into My light, and the reflection and the Light will be One. How brightly you will shine My light.

Our One light will brighten the earth. This takes no effort. It takes allowing. And that allowing is your surrender, for it is Light that you surrender to. Say:

“Light that follows me, I accept Your Presence. I acknowledge that You are All Light, and that includes the Light in me. I am glad that You shine on me so that I may shine as a reminder of You. I know I shine for You and Your Purposes. I know You are the Greater Light, and I am the lesser light, as I also know that Your Light cannot be less, and that I am not subsidiary to you, but rather one of Your Chosen Reflectors. You gave me Your Light so that I may glow in the dark with it. That darkness that seems to shroud earth is nothing but my eyes closed, for when I open them, there are You, God’s Light. God and His Light cannot be separated. Nor can I be separated from My God and His Light, for He has dubbed me His Server of Light. And I thank You, dear God of Light, for this, my little surrender to You.”



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff